Krähberg tunnel

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Krähberg tunnel
Krähberg tunnel
West portal of the Krähberg tunnel
use Railway tunnel
traffic connection Odenwaldbahn
place Oberzent , Hesse
length 3100 m
Number of tubes 1
building-costs 2.07 million Mk
start of building October 16, 1879
completion February 22, 1882
operator DB network
release May 27, 1882
Krähberg Tunnel (Hesse)
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
East portal 49 ° 34 ′ 44 "  N , 9 ° 2 ′ 27"  E
West portal 49 ° 35 ′ 2 "  N , 9 ° 0 ′ 7"  E

At 3,100 meters, the Krähbergtunnel is the longest single-track railway tunnel in Germany in the existing network of Deutsche Bahn . After the Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel , it was the second longest at the time of its completion and is the fourth longest tunnel in the existing network after the Schlüchtern Tunnel and the Fahrnau Tunnel .

Geographical location

East portal of the Krähberg tunnel

This tunnel of Odenwaldbahn underpass under the Krähberg ( 554.9  m above sea level. NN ), the watershed between Main and Neckar . It connects in the red sandstone area of the Odenwald Hetzbach in Mümlingtal with Schöllenbach in Ittertal (both town of Oberzent ). To do this, the route in Pfeifersgrund leaves the Mümlingtal in a 90-degree curve to the east, at its upper end - still in the field markings - reaches the west portal of the tunnel, leads under the Krähberg, occurs south of Mittelberg ( 506.6  m above sea level) . NN ) and north of the Kohlebuckels ( 500.7  m above sea level ) in the deeply cut Tunnelbach valley at the east portal and thus reaches the Schöllenbach valley and after the village of Schöllenbach the Ittertal.


The structure lies in a straight line and rises from the western portal initially over a length of 1944 m at 1: 150, then follows with 230 m length the horizontal apex, which is 337  m above sea level. NN , and finally a slope of 1: 500 with a length of 926 m.

The tunnel construction work was awarded to the building contractor Leo Arnoldi from Cologne , who contractually undertook to complete the tunnel by May 1, 1882. Work began in the summer of 1878 with the sinking of four shafts. The tunnel was opened on October 16, 1879. A modified Belgian construction method was chosen for the tunnel construction . Here, the base tunnel was initially created as an alignment tunnel , followed by the ridge tunnel . Subsequently, after an expansion, the crown vault was bricked up and after it was underpinned , the entire vault was gradually completed with further excavation at the same time. In the red sandstone was carried out a drilling and blasting , and the holes were machined. The excavated area was 36–40 m 2 .

The keystone of the Krähberg tunnel was set on February 22, 1882. The line between the Hetzbach and Eberbach stations - and with it the Krähbergtunnel - was officially opened to passenger traffic on May 27, 1882 . With the handover of this section of the route, the connection from Darmstadt to Eberbach was completed. Freight traffic was also opened five days later .


In November and December 2006 a two-week renovation of the track and track bed took place. Wooden sleepers were replaced by steel sleepers in the tunnel and new rails were installed. The investment volume for the measures was three million euros. The Krähberg tunnel is not equipped with modern tunnel rescue systems such as emergency exits . For technical assistance in the event of an accident, Deutsche Bahn AG purchased an emergency fire engine operated by the Beerfelden volunteer fire brigade .

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