State election in Saarland in 1965

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The state elections in Saarland in 1965 took place on June 27, 1965. It was the election for the 5th Saarland Landtag and was the second Landtag election in Saarland after joining the Federal Republic in 1957.

Starting position

In the state elections in Saarland in 1960 , the CDU suffered heavy losses of over eleven percentage points, but remained the strongest force with 36.6 percent of the vote. The SPD had gained a good ten percentage points. The DPS had lost significantly and achieved almost 14 percent. The SVP , a spin-off from the CVP , had achieved 11.4 percent from the stand. The DDU had also succeeded in entering the state parliament with 5.0 percent and two mandates. As a result of the result, a black-yellow coalition of CDU and DPS was formed and Franz-Josef Röder was re-elected as Prime Minister.


The CDU was able to gain significantly in the state elections and achieved 42.7 percent and 23 seats in the state parliament.

The Social Democrats also gained strongly and were just behind the Christian Democrats with 40.7 percent. They got 21 seats.

The FDP, which started as DPS in 1960, lost 5.5 percentage points and was thus 8.3 percent. It lost three seats and only had four members.

The SVP, which had reached 11.4 percent from a standstill in 1960, lost two thirds of its mandates and, with 5.2 percent and two mandates, barely made it into the Saarland state parliament.

The DDU only achieved 3.2 percent and thus missed re-entry into the state parliament.

Franz-Josef Röder was again able to achieve a black and yellow majority and was re-elected as prime minister.

The turnout was 81.8 percent, an increase of 2.7 percentage points after the last time it had achieved its worst turnout to date.

Political party be right percent Seats
CDU 254.143 42.7% 23 (+4)
SPD 241,954 40.7% 21 (+5)
FDP 49,524 8.3% 4 (-3)
SVP / CVP 30,750 5.2% 2 (-4)
DDU 18,585 3.1% - (–2)

For the list of elected representatives, see the list of members of the Saarland Landtag (5th electoral term) .

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