Christian People's Party of the Saarland

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The Christian People's Party of the Saarland , or CVP for short , was a Christian Democratic party that was active in the then autonomous Saarland from 1946 to 1956 and in the state of the same name until 1959 .


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1945 to 1956

The CVP of Saarland was founded on January 10, 1946 as an interdenominational and regionally oriented collection movement.

In the state election in Saarland in 1947 , the CVP received 51.2% of the vote. Its chairman Johannes Hoffmann was Prime Minister of the Saarland from December 20, 1947 to October 29, 1955. The party and the prime minister were clear supporters of the Saar Statute and thus opposed the newly founded CDU Saar , which campaigned for the unification of the Saarland with the Federal Republic of Germany with the slogan “No Europe without a Fatherland” . In 1952 , the party was able to expand its absolute majority, but, as in 1947, no parties were allowed to vote in favor of unification with the Federal Republic.

With the October referendum on October 23, 1955, the Saarland population voted against the European Saar Statute by a two-thirds majority. Johannes Hoffmann resigned that night. In the state elections in December of the same year, the CVP only achieved just under 22 percent. Shortly thereafter, Hubert Ney (CDU) became Prime Minister and the CVP went into opposition.

1956 to 1959

Against this background, the CVP merged with the German Center Party on July 22, 1956 to form a party that was also called the Christian People's Party . The incorporation of the Saarland into the Federal Republic took place on January 1st, 1957.

On April 3, 1957, however, the two parties separated again because the center rejected the plan to join the CSU and instead took part in the Federal Union . The Saarland CVP, on the other hand, appeared as CSU / CVP in the 1957 Bundestag election , achieved a good 21 percent of the votes in Saarland and won two Bundestag mandates through a list connection with the Bavarian CSU. The abbreviation CSU / CVP was also used in the state parliament . In February 1959, the CVP was accepted into the Saarland state government and merged with the CDU Saar on April 19, 1959. However, opponents of the merger organized themselves in the Saarland People's Party , which stood as a candidate in 1960 and entered the state parliament.

Election results

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