Alliance C - Christians for Germany

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Alliance C - Christians for Germany
Logo of the party Alliance C - Christians for Germany.svg
Party leader Karin Heepen
vice-chairman Ute Büschkens-Schmidt,
Mathias Scheuchner
Federal Managing Director Daniel graves
Federal Treasurer Antje Steffes
Friedemann Hetz (Deputy)
founding 1989 (PBC)
2008 (UP)
March 28, 2015 (Association)
Place of foundation Karlsruhe (PBC)
Berlin (AUF)
Fulda (Association)
Headquarters Karlsruhe
newspaper IMPRESSION - the magazine for politics from Alliance C
Alignment Christian Democracy
Christian Fundamentalism
Colours) White
Bundestag seats
Seats in state parliaments
Number of members 1200
Minimum age 16 years
Proportion of women 45%
European party ECPM

Bündnis C - Christians for Germany ( short name : Bündnis C ) is a small party in Germany and aligns its policy with the Christian image of man .

Alliance C was founded in 2015 through the merger of the Christian fundamentalist parties, the Biblical Christians Party and the AUF - Party for Work, Environment and Family . It is a member of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM). With the transfer of a member of parliament, Alliance C was represented in the European Parliament from October 2018 until the 2019 European elections .

Content profile

Alliance C, according to its own admission, is based on Christian ethics and principles that have shaped the free, democratic constitutional state. The party advocates “Christian-conservative positions in family, social, educational and foreign policy”, including in particular the “fight against abortion and gender mainstreaming positions, as well as idealizing marriage and family as a godly bond between men and woman who understands the introduction of an educational salary for parents, the support of the homeschooling idea, a strengthening of nations and criticism of international or supranational alliances such as the UN and the EU as well as unconditional support for Israel's right to exist ”. Your predecessor organizations belonged to the Christian fundamentalist spectrum.



The Party of Biblical Christians (PBC) was founded in 1989 by Pastor Gerhard Heinzmann . The party ran for Bundestag, Landtag and European elections, but was rarely able to achieve results above 0.5%. In 2006 an attempt was made to merge the PBC with the similarly Christian-oriented small parties, the German Center Party and the Ecological Democratic Party, under the name “Aufbruch 2009”. The attempt initially failed, and the supporters of the merger idea founded the UP - Party for Work, Environment and Family (UP). After the AUF did not achieve any noteworthy election results either, the two parties PBC and AUF came closer from 2010, which finally led to the merger under the name "Alliance C". At the general election in 2013 the PBC with the support of AT participated in two provinces. At the PBC member congress, over ninety percent voted in favor of the merger, and at the AUF party congress over eighty percent of the delegates were in favor of the merger. In the strike ballot, 95.0% of the participating members of the PBC and 78.7% of the participating members of the AUF voted for the merger.

Since 2015 Alliance C

At their founding party conference in Fulda at the end of March 2015, the parties AUF and PBC merged to form “Alliance C - Christians for Germany - AUF & PBC”. Ole Steffes from Dresden (formerly PBC) and Karin Heepen from Erfurt (formerly AUF) were elected federal chairmen with equal rights.

The party stood for the first time in the state elections in Baden-Württemberg in 2016 and achieved 0.7% in the state constituency of Enz . In the state elections in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in 2016 , she received 842 votes, which corresponds to 0.1% of the vote. In the local elections in Lower Saxony in 2016 , the party was able to win a mandate in Wedemark and Bad Essen . At the party congress on October 22nd, 2016, the members decided to delete the suffix "AUF & PBC".

A candidate for the 2017 Bundestag election with eight state lists failed due to a lack of support signatures, so that the party was only able to put forward direct candidates in four constituencies. These achieved results between 0.2% and 0.4% of the first votes.

In autumn 2018, MEP Arne Gericke joined Alliance C. Gericke was elected for the family party in 2014 and initially switched to the free voters in mid-2017 . Gericke has been an individual member of the ECPM since 2014 , to which Alliance C also belongs.


Federal party congresses

Party congress date place
Founding party conference March 28, 2015 Fulda
Party congress (federal program, amendment to the statutes) October 22, 2016 Eisenach
Party congress (election of the board) October 21, 2017 Hünfeld
Party congress (candidate election for European elections) October 6, 2018 Fulda
Delegate Congress (European election program) February 10, 2019 Bad Blankenburg

Federal Executive

Chairperson Karin Heepen
vice-chairman Mathias Scheuschner, Ute Büschkens-Schmidt
Treasurer Antje Steffes, Friedemann Hetz (deputy)
Assessor Hermann Bohnenkamp, ​​Victoria Schneider, Johann Sliwa, Thomas Wiethe

Regional associations

Alliance C currently has regional associations in the following 7 federal states:

Regional association Chairman vice-chairman Treasurer Assessor Secretary General Number of members Establishment date Municipal mandates Result of the last election

of the state parliament

Result of the last

Bundestag election 2013 (PBC)

Baden-Württemberg in Baden-Württemberg Jürgen Graalfs Rainer Simon, Detlef Damaschke Friedemann Hetz Torsten Krause, Peter Uhrmeister 800 2015 0 0.0% ( 2016 ) 0.2%
Bavaria in Bavaria Verena Thümmel Johann Sliwa Johannes Gascho Sven Pilz, Arno Schellartz, Manfred Steinel, Jörg Werner 2015 0 well * well *
Hesse in Hessen Andrea Rehwald Dieter Rühl, Edgar Winand Wolfgang Peuckert Gabriele Löber, Peter Schäfer, Samuel-LW Christoph Kambor-Jacob 95 2016 0 0.1% ( 2018 ) well *
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Christian Hauser Ute Büschkens-Schmidt, Peter Stockhaus Manfred Schmidt Gabriele Kohlstedt, Peter Reizlein Matthias Kohlstedt 2015 3 0.1% ( 2016 ) well *
Lower Saxony in Lower Saxony Thomas Wiethe Klaus Dieter Schlottmann, Katrin Henze-Beushausen Emil Weigand Harald Baumgart, Hermann Bohnenkamp, ​​Thorsten Wegner 2015 3 0.0% ( 2017 ) 0.1%
Rhineland-Palatinate in Rhineland-Palatinate Andreas Lothar Wolff Volker Giese, Barbara Rinder Ernst Maier Christoph Carius, Michael-Bernd Knögel, Elvira Grebe, Klaus Müller 2015 0 well * well *
Saxony in Saxony Thomas Lamowski 2015 0 well * well *
* well - not started

Two other state associations are no longer listed by Alliance C:

Federal working groups

Alliance C currently has 3 federal working groups:

  • "Family and right to life"
  • "Economy and Finance"
  • "Media and Education Policy"


State elections

The following table shows the state elections in which the party Alliance C has run since it was founded in 2015.

Election year BW HE MV NI
2016 0.01% a   0.10%
2017 0.0% b
2018   0.13%  
a Only ran in one of 70 constituencies.
b Only ran in one of 87 constituencies.



Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

In 2004, the PBC won a district council mandate in the Güstrow district. The mandate holder later transferred to the AUF and was able to hold the mandate in 2014, and most recently in the municipal elections in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in 2019 under the name of Bündnis C in the newly tailored, larger district of Rostock . In addition, the party was able to hold a seat in the municipality of Kuchelmiß in the 2019 local elections .


In the Saarland, the AUF achieved a seat on the Mettlach municipal council in the 2014 local elections . In 2019 the party no longer took part. In the Mettlach district of Wehingen , 2 seats in the local council could be held in the 2019 election, but under the old name AUF.

Lower Saxony

In the local elections in Lower Saxony in 2016 , Alliance C won seats for the first time. Two seats were won in the municipal elections, one in Bad Essen , the other in Wedemark . In Hellendorf , 11.9% were achieved. With 15.3%, the party also got a local council seat there. The mandate in Gifhorn , which the PBC won in the 2011 local elections , was lost.

European Parliament

With the change of party of the German MP Arne Gericke , Alliance C was represented with a seat in the European Parliament since October 2018 . However, this mandate was lost in 2019, as the party only achieved 0.2% in the European elections and thus not the number of votes required for a seat in parliament.

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