Leopold Jacoby

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Leopold Jacoby (born April 29, 1840 in Lauenburg i. Pom. , † December 20, 1895 in Zurich ) was a German socialist poet .

Leopold Jacoby (1840–1895) poet.
Leopold Jacoby

Leopold Jacoby was the son of a Jewish religious teacher and cantor . Until 1862 he lived in modest circumstances in Danzig . At 22 he moved to Berlin and studied there medicine , zoology , history and philosophy . He earned his living as a secretary in the office of the House of Representatives and later as a stenographer and reporter for the Kölnische Zeitung . From 1863 he worked for the "Oldenburg Chamber Correspondence" and reported for twelve years on the events of the Prussian state parliament .

In 1867 he received his doctorate in Halle and in 1870 he completed his studies in medicine in Marburg . During the Franco-Prussian War he worked as a volunteer nurse . The war time shaped him politically and made him a staunch socialist . After the war he worked again as a stenographer in the Prussian parliament. In 1877 he moved to Trieste for zoological studies . After some of his writings were banned by Socialist Law , he went into exile in the United States in 1882 . In Cambridge he worked as a private lecturer until 1888 and then returned to Europe. In Milan he held lectures on German literature and language as a private lecturer . In 1892 he moved to Zurich and spent the last years of his life there, supported by his friend Karl Henckell .

Jacoby was buried in the Rehalp cemetery. His grave is adorned with a marble bust made by Louis Wethli .


  • Youthful memories from Pomerania and the old Pomeranian country . 1864.
  • Wine fantasies . 1869. digital
  • Let there be light . 1871; 2 1873, banned from 1878 to 1890 (due to socialist laws ); 4 1893
  • The idea of ​​development . 1874/1876. 1886 digital
  • The comedy . 1870.
  • About the imitation of natural voices in German . 1880.
  • The clockmaker from Gdansk . 1880.
  • A trip to Comacchio . 1881.
  • Fishing in the Comacchio lagoons . 1881.
  • The German Makame . 1883.
  • Cunita . 1885
  • A. v. Droste-Hülshoff, Germany's poet . 1889.


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