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Lew Kerbel (left, with Wladimir Zigal ) in front of a model of the memorial in the Seelower Heights memorial

Lev Kerbel ( Russian Лев Ефимович Кербель , scientific. Transliteration Lev Kerbel Efimovič ' ; born October 25 . Jul / 7 November  1917 greg. In Semyonovka , Chernigov Governorate , today Semenivka, Oblast Chernihiv , Ukraine ; † 14. August 2003 in Moscow ) was a Soviet sculptor . He was one of the most highly decorated artists in the Soviet Union.


Chervil was born to a Jewish family in the village of Semyonovka on the day the Bolsheviks storm the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg. The family went to the Smolensk area , where he started sculpting as a child. In 1934 he won a Komsomol award for a Lenin plaque.


The creator of heroic monumental bronze sculptures received several commissions for monuments from the Red Army , and later also from the party and state leadership of the GDR . The most important sculptures of Kerbel are adorned with monuments that remind of the sacrificial journey of the 1st Belarusian Front to the Battle of Berlin in early 1945: the obelisk of Kostrzyn nad Odrą (Küstrin) on the Oder (dismantled in November 2008), the monument to the battle of the Seelower Heights in Brandenburg and the Soviet War Memorial in Berlin-Tiergarten. Along with the Treptow memorial, these works are among the most important monuments that were created in Germany in memory of the Second World War.

One of his most famous works is the Karl-Marx-Monument (colloquially "Nischel") in Chemnitz , formerly Karl-Marx-Stadt. The monumental sculpture, weighing over 40 tons and 7 meters high, was created in Moscow and Leningrad and was transported in 95 individual parts to Karl-Marx-Stadt, where it was unveiled in 1971.

Kerbel's other works are the Ernst Thälmann Monument in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg , monuments to Lenin and Marx in Moscow, and a large number of Lenin statues that could be seen throughout the former Eastern Bloc and even in Cuba . Many of these statues were demolished after the upheaval in 1989. Kerbel's last work was the memorial stone erected in 2002 for the 118 dead in the sinking of the Kursk .

Kerbel had a personal friendship with Erich Honecker .


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