Songs as beautiful as the north 1993

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Songs as beautiful as the north 1993
date March 18, 1993
venue Bremerhaven
Hall Bremerhaven City Hall
Broadcasting television station Norddeutscher Rundfunk / ARD
Moderation Dénes Törzs and Susan Stahnke

Under the motto Songs as beautiful as the north , the Lower Saxony state government called on composers and lyricists to a song competition for the fourth time in 1993 , with the aim of creating new folk songs that deal with North German topics.

From numerous submissions, a jury selected 15 titles that qualified for the final, which was broadcast live on March 18 by Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) within ARD from the town hall in Bremerhaven . Moderators were Dénes Törzs and Susan Stahnke . After the title was presented, TV viewers could choose their favorite via TED.

At the end of the evaluation, Margot Eskens was the winner of the songs as beautiful as the north competition in 1993 . Their song also sailors homesick had Gunther Behrle composed and texted. The winner was presented with a trophy in the form of a "glass lighthouse".

The 15 tracks in the finale appeared on a CD together with the title song of the TV show sung by the Northern Lights (music: Jean Frankfurter , text: Irma Holder ) .

The song competition, sometimes also called the Grand Prix of the North , did not take place after 1993. The broadcast was only continued as an entertainment program in loose series by the NDR.

Placement of the competition in 1993

Start number Interpreter title space %
2 Margot Eskens Sailors are homesick too 1 13.1
11 Jonny Hill Little heroes on a long journey 2 13.0
15th Home duo Judith and Mel All right, all right 3 12.4
13 Dorthe Kollo There is a Nordic legend 4th 8.8
7th Hannelore The cherries in the old country 5 7.2
12 Speelwark Soltwind 6th 6.6
9 Gottlieb Wendehals When the daisies bloom 7th 6.3
8th Godewind Nordic colors 8th 5.7
10 Marieke Seagulls in the wind 9 5.3
6th Peter Sebastian Broad land 10 5.2
4th Marion and Wolfgang Thomasius Our north has become even more beautiful 11 5.0
14th North wind The eternal old song about the sea 12 4.9
1 Finkwarder Speeldeel We're not that stubborn at all 13 2.4
3 Jochen Kunze People by the sea 14th 2.2
5 Kielwater Plover 15th 1.9
Venue Bremerhaven City Hall