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Speelwark ( Low German for "Spielwerk") was a music group from Schleswig-Holstein that sang predominantly northern German folk music and popular music in Low German , sometimes also in Standard German .


The Speelwark group was founded in Elmshorn in 1984 when four teachers from the comprehensive school formed up to perform together at family celebrations. Later two students joined them. The group initially consisted of Claudia Christina Fruchtnitz, Annkathrin Hörster, Helmut Johann Hamke, Harald Meier-Spiering, Albrecht von Reibnitz and Jörg Szemkus. Later some members left the group and new ones were accepted. The following people belonged to the group last:

  • Johann Helmut Hamke (moderation, vocals and percussion)
  • Stefanie Kock (vocals)
  • Urte Kühl (violin, flute and keyboard)
  • Harald Meier-Spiering (guitar and vocals)
  • Jan-Mirko Hamke (bass, accordion and percussion)

Björn-Erik Werner (accordion and keyboard) also took part in live performances.

The group first appeared as the opening act at a concert by Knut Kiesewetter and became known through this. She sang mostly Low German songs. The compositions and texts come mainly from the members of the group themselves.

With Marie-Kathrein , the group applied for the first time at the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1987 , but could not reach the final. The same thing happened to Speelwark in 1988 with Wenn Windjammer zieh'n . At the third attempt, however, the breakthrough came: At the 1989 Grand Prix of Folk Music , the group and Freesland took 9th place. In the following year ( 1990 ) she was again successful with Freesenkinner (12th place) and in 1994 Speelwark was represented with Die Wundergeige .

Speelwark had further successes at the song as beautiful as the north competition in 1990 , when she took 5th place with Moin, moin , 6th place in 1991 with Am Nordseestrand , 11th place in 1992 with Wolkenstürmer and 6th place in 1993 with Soltwind . With the CD Hallo Tag , released in 2009, Speelwark was represented with various songs for several weeks at the top of the airplay charts.

Speelwark was often seen at various television events.

On August 18, 2012, the group celebrated their farewell with many friends with the open air "Songs under the evening sky" in Klein Nordende . Also present were Rolf Harris , Peter Petrel , Eddy Winkelmann, Godewind , Blue Note Quartet, harbor night eV, Günter Willumeit , Carlo von Tiedemann , the marching band small northern end Lieth and the choir "Viva la musica".



  • Plattdüütsche Leeder 1986
  • Vun Land and Lüüd 1988
  • Freesenkinner 1990
  • There are many ways in 1991
  • Wolkenstürmer 1992
  • Christmas in Holsteen 1992
  • A piece from the north - 10 years of Speelwark 1994
  • A breath of fresh air in 1996
  • Wintertied 1997
  • Speelwark - 15 yrs. Ünner Wulken un Wind 1999
  • Land of Horizons 2003
  • Hello day, come in 2009

Title (selection)

  • Christmas in Holsteen 1988
  • Wiehnachtsmann's workshop in 1988
  • Freesland 1989
  • Freesenkinner 1990
  • Moin Moin 1990
  • Wolkenstürmer 1992
  • On the North Sea beach in 1992
  • Soltwind 1993
  • The miracle violin 1994
  • With the Fohrrad över't Land 1994
  • Mien Roos 1999
  • At the sea 2004
  • A rainbow over the horizon 2005

Speelwark published more than 14 own records.


There has been a yellow hybrid tea rose since July 1999 , which was christened 'Speelwark' on the occasion of the group's 15th anniversary.

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