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Irma Holder (born September 24, 1925 in Wald (Upper Palatinate) as Irmgard Ederer ; † August 16, 2019 in Gärtringen ) was a German hit writer.

life and career

Irma Holder, a trained bank clerk, had her first successes in the 1970s, when she wrote texts for Peter Horton , Monica Morell and Udo Jürgens . In the 1980s she wrote texts for Howard Carpendale , Roy Black , Tommy Steiner , Karel Gott and Freddy Quinn , in the 1990s for Andrea Berg and Michelle . A total of around 1000 titles have been created by her. The best known are Hello Again by Howard Carpendale and You have lied to me a thousand times by Andrea Berg.

From 1985 she worked closely with the composer Jean Frankfurter : Together they wrote well-known titles for the Kastelruther Spatzen , Patrick Lindner , Marianne & Michael , Geschwister Hofmann , Stefanie Hertel , Kristina Bach and Helene Fischer (the song And tomorrow morning I'll kiss you awake ). Between 1973 and 2013 she was able to place 30 titles in the German charts. Later she also wrote for Monika Martin .

In 1990 she won the Edelweiß together with Jean Frankfurter , in 1992 the Grand Prix of Folk Music ( A Brückerl goes over every Bacherl , Stefanie Hertel) and in 1998 the Crown of Folk Music as the most successful team of authors.

A typical, recurring motif in Irma Holder's texts is the burning sky ("suddenly it was love, like a flame dance on the horizon", "and the sky will burn forever"), which is supposed to be a symbol of exuberant love Another is the small reservation with the loving woman ("even if she never completely lost her heart").

From 2016 Irma Holder worked with the composer Maurice Lasarte alias Stefan Moll . Together they wrote for Andre Steyer and Tom Mandl .

Irma Holder lived in Gärtringen ( Baden-Württemberg ) and on Lake Garda . She was the wife of the long-time mayor of Gärtringen (1954 to 1983) Herbert Holder. Her brother, Pepe Ederer , is the founder and singer of the band Nilsen Brothers ( But you only exist once for me ).

On August 16, 2019, Irma Holder died in her home town at the age of 93.


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