Lilium humboldtii

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Lilium humboldtii
Lilium humboldtii

Lilium humboldtii

Order : Lily-like (Liliales)
Family : Lily family (Liliaceae)
Subfamily : Lilioideae
Genre : Lilies ( Lilium )
Type : Lilium humboldtii
Scientific name
Lilium humboldtii
Roezl & Leichtlin

Lilium humboldtii is a species from the genus of lilies ( Lilium ) in the section Pseudolirium . Theplant, which is onlynativeto California, is named after Alexander von Humboldt .


Lilium humboldtii is a perennial , herbaceous plant that reaches heights of 80 cm to 120 centimeters. The bulbs are small and oval, they are covered with white to purple scales and form rhizomes . The stem is hard and straight. The oval to lanceolate leaves are up to 14.5 cm long and up to 3.6 cm wide. They are arranged in two to eight whorls of three to sixteen leaves.

It blooms in July in pyramidal, paniculate inflorescences with up to 30 nodding, strongly fragrant flowers. The hermaphroditic, threefold flowers have six strongly bent back, 5 to 10 cm long, uniformly shaped bracts ( tepals ) ( Turkish covenant shape ). The basic color of the flowers is yellow to red-orange with brown or purple points. Each flower has six stamens . The anthers and pollen are dark orange and the filaments are creamy white. Each flower has three carpels . The nectaries are papillae . The seeds mature large in 3 to 5 centimeters seedpods .


Lilium humboldtii is endemic to California , it is often found in oak or pine forests . The species has become rare due to the increasing destruction of its habitat.


In addition to the nominate form, there is also the variety:

  • Lilium humboldtii var. Ocellatum : More and larger points in the flowers, forms roots above the bulb.


Lilium humboldtii was increasingly used in the first half of the 20th century to breed the 'Bellingham hybrids' and later the 'Bellmaid hybrids', where it was crossed with Lilium pardalinum and Lilium parryi . These hybrids are still popular today.



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