List of stumbling blocks in Cologne's Dünnwald district

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The list of the stumbling blocks in the Cologne district Dünnwald results by artist Gunter Demnig laid stumbling blocks in the Cologne district Dünnwald on.

Stolperstine in Cologne Project Bild.png This list is part of the wiki project Stolpersteine ​​in Cologne . This project serves to coordinate, expand and maintain the Cologne stumbling block lists . In addition to creating biographical information, we would like to compare existing information and collect and document incorrect entries.

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The list of stumbling blocks is based on the data and research of the NS Documentation Center of the City of Cologne , partially supplemented by information and comments from Wikipedia articles and external sources. The aim of the art project is to document biographical details of the people who had their (last) voluntarily chosen residence in Cologne in order to preserve their memory.

Note: In many cases, however, it is no longer possible to comprehend a complete description of their life and their path of suffering. In particular, the circumstances of her death can often no longer be researched. Official death notices from ghettos, detention centers, hospitals and concentration camps can often contain information that conceals the true circumstances of death, but are also documented taking this fact into account.
image Name and details of the inscription address Additional Information
Stolperstein Cologne At the Walkmühle 70 Peter Baum Here lived
Peter Baum ( born in 1883)
City councilor SPD
Arrested August 1944
Sachsenhausen concentration camp
Murdered December 12, 1944
At the Fulling Mill 70
( location )
Stolpersteinlage Cologne An der Walkmühle 70
The stumbling stone is reminiscent of Peter Baum , born on May 16, 1883 in Cologne.

Peter Baum was a Cologne city councilor for the SPD. In the election for the Cologne city council on March 12, 1933, Baum was elected city councilor for the SPD. Immediately after the first meeting on March 30, 1933, Baum was arrested by the Gestapo and imprisoned for several weeks. During the Nazi dictatorship, he was arrested three more times in the following years and held for several weeks. In August 1944, after the assassination attempt on July 20, 1944 , Hitler was arrested again as part of the " Operation Grid ". Initially imprisoned in the Deutz exhibition center , he was sent to Sachsenhausen concentration camp in September 1944 . There he was killed with a rifle butt on December 12, 1944.

Stolperstein Cologne Dünnwalder Mauspfad 395 Theodor Esser Here lived
Theodor Esser ( born in 1884)
In resistance
Arrested in 1935
'High treason'
Siegburg prison
1944 Flossenbürg
Dead March 31, 1945
Dünnwalder Mauspfad 395
( location )
Stumbling block Cologne Dünnwalder Mauspfad 395
The stumbling block is reminiscent of Theodor Esser , born on August 8, 1884.

The electrician Theodor Esser was arrested several times for his political activities, imprisoned in the Siegburg prison and, after being charged with " high treason ", deported to the Flossenbürg concentration camp in 1944 . Here he had the prisoner number 25626. He died in Flossenbürg on March 31, 1945.


Individual evidence

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