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Louis Bromfield, November 2, 1933, photographer Carl van Vechten

Louis Bromfield , actually Louis Brumfield , (born December 27, 1896 in Mansfield , Ohio , † March 18, 1956 in Columbus , Ohio) was an American writer .


Bromfield's ancestors were among the earliest settlers in Ohio; his father was Charles Brumfield and his mother was Annette M. Coulter. After finishing school he began studying agriculture at Cornell University ( Ithaca ) in 1914. In 1916 he moved to Columbia University ( New York ) to study journalism, literature and philosophy. There he also joined the Phi Delta Theta student fraternity .

Through this association, Bromfield also made the acquaintance of the American Field Service . As a member of it, he came to France during the First World War . Later he also fought there as a soldier. After the war he returned to the USA and settled in New York. There he worked as a lecturer and dramaturge and as a music and theater critic and began to write his first book.

In 1921, Bromfield married Mary Appleton Wood, a daughter of District Attorney Chalmers Wood and his wife Ellen Apleton Smith, in New York . Bromfield and his wife had three daughters, Ann, Hope and Ellen. In 1924, Bromfield debuted very successfully with The Life of Lily Shane ( The Green Bay Tree ). This first volume of a tetralogy was soon followed - also successful - the volumes Possessed ( Possession ), Early Autumn ( Early Autumn ) and What a woman ... ( A good woman ).

From 1928 on, Bromfield spent several years in France and India. In France he also worked as a journalist, but spent a large part of his time on his own literary work. In 1938 he returned and settled in Richland County, Ohio. There he founded his Malabar Farm (now Malabar Farm State Park).

At the age of almost 60, Louis Bromfield died on March 18, 1956 in Columbus, Ohio, and found his final resting place there.



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