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Louis de Wohl (born January 24, 1903 in Berlin , † June 2, 1961 in Lucerne ; also Ludwig von Wohl , actually Lajos Theodor Gaspar Adolf Wohl ) was a German writer , screenwriter and astrologer .


As Ludwig von Wohl, he wrote Berlin novels, detective novels and newspaper articles. Some of his novels have been made into films since 1929, and he has also written scripts, for example for the classic comedy Die Englische Heirat (1934). Since he had both Hungarian and Jewish ancestors, he emigrated to London in 1935 . Since then he has published under the name Louis de Wohl . As early as 1937 he published his autobiography I Follow My Stars , which finally recommended him as an astrologer for psychological warfare .

De Wohl was on the payroll of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), a special unit of the British intelligence service during World War II. From September 1940 he headed the “Bureau for Psychological Research” in London, in which astrological prognoses and Nostradamus interpretations against Nazi Germany were made. The British secret service countered the use of astrologers on the German side, the most important of which was the Swiss citizen Karl Ernst Krafft . In 1941 de Wohl moved to the USA.

After the war he went to Switzerland. De Wohl shifted to writing historical novels, most of which deal with the life of a saint, but also go into detail about the political background of that time, which is usually done by de Wohl as the main dramaturgic figure, usually a fictional character Soldiers, who in some way comes into contact with the sacred, but also with the politically powerful of his time. It was de Wohls' declared aim not to write “pious” saint novels, but to make his books exciting and thus reach a larger audience. According to his own information, Pope Pius XII should give him Personally encouraged it at a private audience in 1948. The novels are characterized by their closeness to historical facts, but also by a strictly Catholic point of view (such as the portrayal of Pope Innocent III or Pope Pius V ).

In 1953 he married Ruth Magdalene Lorch for the second time; both were knights and ladies of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher .

Works (selection in German)

  • Julian the Apostate . Roman (about Emperor Julian and St. Athanasius ). Walter, Olten 1947
  • The tree of life . Roman (about Emperor Constantine I and St. Helena ). Walter, Olten 1947
  • I am Doctor Zodiac . (Detective novel). Walter, Olten 1949
  • Attila. The storm from the east . Historical novel (about King Attila and St. Leo ). Bertelsmann, Gütersloh 1949
  • Light over Aquino . Roman (about Emperor Friedrich II. And St. Thomas Aquinas ). Walter, Olten 1950
  • Stars. War and peace. Astrological experiences and practical guidance . Walter, Olten 1951
  • The restless heart . Roman (on St. Augustine ). Walter, Olten 1952
  • The earth is behind us . Novel. Walter, Olten 1954
  • The invisible reporter . Novel. Walter, Olten 1955
  • Fire over the seas. Roman (about St. Francis Xavier ). Walter, Olten 1955
  • Longinus the witness . Roman (about the Roman soldier Longinus ). Walter, Olten 1955
  • The winner of Lepanto. Roman (about Don Juan de Austria ). Walter, Olten 1956
  • The King's Messenger . Roman (about Emperor Nero and St. Paul ). Walter, Olten 1957
  • The merry beggar. Roman (about Emperor Friedrich II. And Francis of Assisi ). Walter, Olten 1958 ( filmed by Michael Curtiz in 1961 )
  • Johanna rides ahead. Roman (via Joan of Arc ). Walter, Olten 1958
  • The citadel of God . Roman (about St. Benedict of Nursia ). Walter, Olten 1959
  • Adam, Eve and the Monkey. Faith and Zeitgeist in conflict . Walter, Olten 1960
  • The golden network . Roman (on St. Ignatius Loyola ). Swiss People's Book Community (SVB 236), Lucerne 1960
  • A girl from Siena. Roman (about Saint Catherine of Siena ). Walter, Olten 1960
  • King David . Novel. Walter, Olten 1961


  • 1926: The sweet girl
  • 1927: The eighteen year olds
  • 1927: crook in tails
  • 1930: The last company
  • 1930: Rose Monday
  • 1932: Adventure in the Engadine


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