Love You Live

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Love You Live
Live album from The Rolling Stones





Label (s) Rolling Stones Records, most recently Universal Distribution

Format (s)

Double LP / CD

Genre (s)


Title (number)

18 (LP / CD1: 10; LP / CD2: 8)

running time

79 min 51 sec

occupation Mick Jagger (vocals, guitar, harmonica); Keith Richards, Ron Wood (vocals, guitar); Bill Wyman (bass); Billy Preston (vocals, keyboard); Charlie Watts (drums); Ollie Brown (percussion); Ian Stewart (piano)


The Glimmer Twins (Jagger / Richards)

Location (s)

Live in Paris, France and Toronto, Canada 1976–1977.

Black and Blue
Love You Live Some Girls

Love You Live , released in September 1977, is a live double album by the Rolling Stones , recorded during a 1976 tour of Europe and a performance in Canada in 1977. The album was produced by The Glimmer Twins .

Most of the album was recorded at concerts in Toronto (1977) and Paris (1976). Tracks 11 to 14 were recorded in a small club called El Mocambo in Toronto, Canada , where the Stones performed in front of just a few hundred fans in March 1977. Many recordings were changed through subsequent overdubs and cuts. The quality of these live recordings is generally considered to be rather low. The Rolling Stones sound both musically and tonally rough and unpolished. Presumably this is also due to the change in the band line-up. It was the first European and North American tour in which Ron Wood took part as the second guitarist alongside Keith Richards. Keith Richards' arrest for possession of a large amount of heroin and his subsequent release on bail in Canada should be mentioned at the same time. This ultimately motivated him to seriously withdraw from drugs and to stay “clean” . The focus was also on his family, the band and the fans.

As with the Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers , Andy Warhol designed the album cover . Love You Live reached 3rd place in the charts in Great Britain and the USA.


Track list

(all compositions except those given by Jagger / Richards)

  1. Intro: Excerpt from Fanfare for the Common Man ( Aaron Copland )
  2. Honky Tonk Women - recorded in Paris on June 5th, 1976
  3. If You Can't Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud - London, May 27th 1976
  4. Happy - Paris, 5th June 1976
  5. Hot Stuff - Paris, June 6th 1976
  6. Star Star - Paris, June 6th 1976
  7. Tumbling Dice - Paris, June 7th 1976
  8. Fingerprint File - Toronto, June 17, 1975
  9. You Gotta Move ( Fred McDowell / Davis) - Paris, June 5, 1976
  10. You Can't Always Get What You Want - Paris, June 7th 1976
  11. Mannish Boy ( Ellas McDaniel / McKinley Morganfield / Mel London) - Toronto, March 4th or 5th, 1977
  12. Crackin 'Up (Ellas McDaniel) - Toronto, March 4th or 5th, 1977
  13. Little Red Rooster ( Willie Dixon ) - Toronto, March 4th or 5th, 1977
  14. Around And Around ( Chuck Berry ) - Toronto, March 4th or 5th, 1977
  15. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - Toronto, June 17, 1975
  16. Brown Sugar - Paris, June 6th 1976
  17. Jumpin 'Jack Flash - Paris, June 6th 1976
  18. Sympathy for the Devil - Los Angeles, July 9, 1975