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Luigi von Kunits ( Ludwig Paul Maria von Kunits , born July 20, 1870 in Vienna , † October 8, 1931 in Toronto ) was an Austrian violinist, conductor, composer and music teacher.

Von Kunits studied violin in Vienna with Jakob Grün and Otakar Ševčík , composition with Anton Bruckner and music history with Eduard Hanslick . He was acquainted with Karl Goldmark and Johann Strauss , and Johannes Brahms entrusted the eleven-year-old with the part of the second violin in one of his string quartets. At the age of eighteen, von Kunits performed his own violin concerto with the Vienna Philharmonic .

In 1893 he traveled with an Austrian orchestra to the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. He taught violin there until 1896 and then went to Pittsburgh, where he worked as Kapellmeister and conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and teacher at the Conservatory. In the following two years he traveled through Europe as a violin soloist and, in addition to his own, played the violin concertos by Johannes Brahms , Henryk Wieniawski , Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Niccolò Paganini .

In 1912 he received an offer as a teacher at the Canadian Academy of Music in Toronto. Here he founded the Academy String Quartet , which existed until 1923 and the New Symphony Orchestra in 1922 (since 1928 the Toronto Symphony Orchestra ). His students included musicians such as Harry Adaskin , Vera Bairstow , Charles Wakefield Cadman , Ernest Dainty , Frank Fusco , Eugene Kash , Harvey Perrin , Albert Pratz , Paul Scherman , Stanley Solomon , Maurice Solway , Albert Steinberg , Berul Sugarman and Geoffrey Waddington .

Von Kunits composed a. a. two violin concertos, a string quartet, a violin sonata, piece for violin and piano and some songs.


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