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Madeleine Phaneuf biathlon
Full name Madeleine Grace Phaneuf
Association United StatesUnited States United States
birthday April 29, 1995
place of birth Virginia
society Polar Bear Biathlon
Trainer Jean Paquet
Jonne Kahkonen
Admission to the
national team
Debut in the European Cup / IBU Cup 2015
Debut in the World Cup 2015
status active
Medal table
Logo of the US ski team US championships
bronze 2017 Jericho persecution
World Cup balance
last change: January 27, 2015

Madeleine Grace "Maddie" Phaneuf (born April 29, 1995 in Virginia) is an American biathlete .


Maddie Phaneuf grew up in Seneca and Old Forge and now lives in Lake Placid . In her first winter in Old Forge, she learned cross-country skiing at the age of eight , and only came to biathlon seven years later in 2010. She has been a member of the national team since 2014. She trains at the Maine Winter Sports Center and competes for the Polar Bear Biathlon . Her trainers are Jean Paquet and Seth Hubbard.

Athletic career

Phaneuf made her international debut as part of the 2014 Junior Biathlon World Championships in Presque Isle , where she initially just missed a medal in the sprint when she finished fourth. She also finished the pursuit, individual and relay races outside the medal ranks. As a guest starter, she narrowly missed a medal in the relay race at the Swedish Championships 2014 in Östersund , finishing fourth. At the national junior championships in Jericho , she won gold in the mass start, silver in the sprint and bronze in the individual race. Later in the year she took part in the North American Championships in Summer Biathlon 2014 - also in Jericho. She was 13th in the sprint and 8th in the mass start race.

In January 2015 she performed in Duszniki-Zdroj her first race in the IBU Cup of the winter 2014/15 . After two starts in the sprint, she contested her first World Cup race of the 2014/15 season in Ruhpolding with the US women's relay . At the side of Susan Dunklee , Hannah Dreissigacker and Annelies Cook , she finished 19th in the US women's relay as the final runner. In addition to other starts in the IBU Cup, she contested her first individual race in the World Cup in Antholz and was 93rd in the sprint. This winter she also took part in the 2015 European Junior Biathlon Championships in Otepää, Estonia, and the 2015 Junior Biathlon World Championships in Minsk , Belarus .

In the following season Phaneuf started again primarily in the IBU Cup and was able to regularly achieve results within the points. Her best result was a 12th place in the sprint on the Arber . She contested her only World Cup race of the winter in Presque Isle , where she finished the sprint in 65th place. At the 2016 Biathlon Junior World Championships in Cheile Grădiștei , Romania , she missed a medal in each of the individual races with places five, seven and nine.

In winter 2016/17 Madeleine Phaneuf recommended herself with a 10th and a 12th place at the IBU Cup in Martell for the World Cup and was accepted into the team for the races in Ruhpolding and Rasen-Antholz . With a 94th place in the sprint and an 81st place in the individual race, she clearly missed both the qualification for the pursuit race and the points. Nevertheless, she was nominated for the 2017 biathlon world championships in Hochfilzen , Austria , which, however, were similarly unsuccessful with 78th place in the sprint and 87th place in the individual competition. In three races with the US women's relay, it was never able to place within the top 10. She was nominated by her association to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang . Phaneuf's use was only planned in the individual race , but due to a sore throat, she decided not to start. Her place in this race was taken by Joanne Reid , who shared a room with Phaneuf in Korea. Her health did not improve significantly, so she was not nominated for the relay race and left South Korea without participating in the competitions.


Placements in the biathlon world cup

The table shows all placements (depending on the year, including the Olympic Games and World Championships).

  • 1st - 3rd Place: Number of podium placements
  • Top 10: Number of placements in the top ten (including podium)
  • Points ranks: Number of placements within the point ranks (including podium and top 10)
  • Starts: Number of races run in the respective discipline
placement singles sprint persecution Mass start Season total
1st place  
2nd place  
3rd place  
Top 10  
Scoring 1 1
Starts   2     1 3
Status: end of season 2015/16

World championships

Results at biathlon world championships

World Championship singles sprint persecution Mass start Season Mixed relay
year place
2017 AustriaAustria Hochfilzen 87. 78. - - 14th -

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