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Madeleine Schickedanz (born October 20, 1943 in Nuremberg ) is a former major German shareholder. The only child of Grete (1911–1994) and Gustav Schickedanz (1895–1977), the founder of the mail order company Quelle (until 1999), holds 24.55% of the shares in Arcandor AG iL (formerly KarstadtQuelle AG), which had to file for bankruptcy on June 9, 2009.


Madeleine Schickedanz was born in 1943 in the air raid shelter of the Nuremberg Women's Clinic. Schickedanz first attended primary school in Hersbruck . After leaving school, Schickedanz began studying business administration in Munich . She broke off after two semesters and married her first husband Hans-Georg Mangold in 1965, who came from their neighborhood. Mangold made a career in the family group and had to leave the group management in 1973 after separating from Schickedanz. Also her second husband Wolfgang Bühler , son of the former AEG- Chairman of the Board of Management Hans Bühler, was active in the group (from 1976 until his retirement in 1997). For decades, Schickedanz never directly perceived her business interests in the group. In an interview, Schickedanz stated that she was always involved in the company, "but never worked in the company". Her third husband Leo Herl last represented her on the Arcandor Supervisory Board. Schickedanz did not sit on any board of the group, nor did she manage her own Madeleine Schickedanz asset management herself.

The couple lives mostly withdrawn in Fürth . Schickedanz has four children, two each from their marriages with Hans-Georg Mangold and Wolfgang Bühler. After her daughter Caroline overcame a leukemia disease after seven years of treatment , Schickedanz founded the Madeleine Schickedanz Children's Cancer Foundation in 1990 . In June 2009, the news magazine Der Spiegel reported that the foundation for children with cancer , set up by Schickedanz, had a very high administrative cost ratio: only 29 cents of one euro donated would benefit the actual purpose. The foundation denied this and stated that it was advertising expenses.

From 1994 to 2009 she was Honorary Consul of Greece .

The magazine Forbes estimated her fortune in 2008 to 3.9 billion dollars, making them the richest Germans belonged.

After Arcandor went bankrupt

In 2009 the estimate of her fortune was reduced to one billion dollars. Due to the bankruptcy of Arcandor AG, its assets have shrunk further. According to the company, the Karstadt / Quelle share package of the Schickedanz family was worth 27 million euros in July 2009. The Sal. Oppenheim bank has granted Madeleine Schickedanz a three-digit million loan, which is fully secured with assets that are neither directly nor indirectly affected by the insolvency of Arcandor AG. Schickedanz feared the loss of their assets in 2009 if the banks would call the loans. On the day of Arcandor's bankruptcy, Madeleine Schickedanz received intensive care after a collapse.

At the end of June 2009 it became known that Schickedanz had lost considerable influence at Arcandor. The reason was that Martin Dedi (from the family branch of her half-sister Louise) had previously terminated the pool contract with Schickedanz. After selling a block of shares worth 6.5 million euros, Schickedanz still held 21.53% of the insolvent retail group. Oppenheim-Esch-Holding became the new main shareholder .

In July 2009, opened Schickedanz in Hersbruck the department store Schickedanz in a company-owned and pledged to Bankhaus Sal. Oppenheim as collateral property. Shortly thereafter, she made headlines nationwide after she told Bild am Sonntag that she had to restrict herself and save where she could:

“If the Arcandor rescue fails and the banks call in the loans, I'll lose everything - houses, shares, interests in other companies. At 66, I wouldn't even get a pension. [...] We live from 500 to 600 euros a month. We also buy from discounter. We have vegetables, fruits and herbs in the garden. "

In September 2009 it became known that Schickedanz holds a stake in the Nuremberg-based company ICN Immobilien Consult , which, according to its own statements (on its homepage), had sales in 2008 "in the double-digit million euro range" Was looking for commercial buildings at purchase prices of up to 15 million euros as investment properties. Some German media inferred from this that Schickedanz was obviously much wealthier than she claimed.

Various sources report (as of 2012) that she still has assets of 400 million euros.

For years, Schickedanz entrusted Josef Esch with the management of their assets. In January 2012 she sued him, Bank Sal. Oppenheim and twelve other people or companies for damages .

In this context, she described the following, among other things: On October 17, 2008, Esch had her and her husband picked up in a jet from his company Challenge Air . Together with a notary, he presented many documents to Madeleine Schickedanz for signature, which she did: Documents pledging her Villa Greta in Spain, her villas Müstaila and God Laret in St. Moritz, the holiday villa with boathouse on Lake Tegernsee, her parents' house, of a 20,000 square meter property in Hersbruck, Franconia, of office buildings in Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich; also declarations about the assignment of almost all of their remaining assets.

In May 2012, Schickedanz sued the Sal. Oppenheim bank before the Cologne Regional Court for damages in the amount of 1.9 billion euros and accused it of urging it to buy shares that were disadvantageous for it, as well as of "sham and circumvention transactions using its name" to have made. In December 2016, after an out-of-court settlement, she had the proceedings declared closed. In doing so, she withdrew all allegations made against the bank. In media reports, the procedure was rated as a defeat for Schickedanz.

After the further losses as a result of the insolvency proceedings, her assets are estimated at around 40 million euros at the end of 2016.


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