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A milk product , milk product or dairy product is a food whose ingredients mainly consist of milk or milk components ( milk protein , milk fat or milk sugar ). Milk products include, on the one hand, differently treated types of milk and, on the other hand, milk products obtained by fermentation or extraction of milk components.

Vorzugsmilch Rohmilch Fettarme Milch Frische Vollmilch Rahm Sauerrahm Kondenssahne Buttermilch Milchpulver Kondenssahne fettarme H-Milch Sahne Butter Butterschmalz Magermilch Kondensmagermilch Magermilchpulver Molkepulver Sahnejoghurt Joghurt Kefir Quark Schmelzkäse Mascarpone Frischkäse Sauermolke Molkenbutter Crème fraîche Kaffeesahne Crème double Schmand Saure Sahne Sauerrahmbutter Sauermilchkäse Hartkäse Kochkäse Milchflüssigkeit Schnittkäse Mildgesäuerte Butter Süßmolke Teilentrahmte Kondensmilch Weichkäse Geklärte Butter Schlagsahne Pasteurisierte Milch Brühkäse Dickmilch Salzlakenkäse Dickete Molkenkäse Magere Rohmilch H-Vollmilch Sterilmilch Bloghurt / Joghurt mild ESL-Milch Milchprodukte Datei:Milch.svg
Milks and products


The health mark

Types of dairy products

Various packaged milk products for end consumers.

Untreated milk

Treated milk

Extracted / fermented milk products

Milk, milk components and milk by-products ( whey , buttermilk ) are still used as raw materials for numerous other products in the food industry , bakeries , beverage production , cosmetics production and animal fattening :


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