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The Bohol Sea / Mindanao Sea in the south of the Philippines

The Mindanao Sea , also known as the Bohol Sea , is a partial sea of ​​the Pacific and is located between the Visayas and the island of Mindanao , which are part of the Philippine archipelago.


The Mindanao Sea is geographically part of the Pacific Ocean and is located south of the island province of Bohol and Leyte Island and north of the large island of Mindanao. It extends 270 km from west to east. Two of the largest islands in this stretch of sea are Siquijor and Camiguin . The Mindanao Sea covers an area of ​​20,943 km². The most important cities along the Mindanao Sea are Cagayan de Oro , Iligan City , Butuan City , Dumaguete City , Ozamis City and Tagbilaran .

The Mindanao Sea merges in the east into the Strait of Surigao , a strait that runs between the northernmost embankment of Mindanao and the southern tip of Leyte . It is connected to the Leyte Gulf and the Philippine Sea via this road . Numerous deeply cut bays mark the coastline on Mindanao and Leyte. In Mindanao, Panguil Bay marks the narrowest point on the island.

Camiguin and the Boholsee

In the north it is via the Canigao Channel , which runs between the island of Bohol and the southwestern part of Leyte, and via the Strait of Cebu (Bohol Strait), which runs between the islands of Bohol and Cebu , with the Camotes Sea connected. In the northwest is the entrance to Tanon Street . In the west it borders - between the southern tip of Negros and the north side of the Zamboanga peninsula - on the Sulu Sea .

In the south, the Mindanao Sea forms several bays on the north shore of Mindanao Island: Bay of Iligan , Bay of Macajalar , Bay of Gingoog and Bay of Butuan .


A wide variety of fish and marine mammals live in the Sea of Mindanao . There have been observations of the whale shark ( Rhincodon typus ) and the sperm whale ( Physeter catodon or Physeter macrocephalus ). There are numerous coral reefs in the waters of the Mindanao Sea ; they occupy an area of ​​approx. 133 km². On the coastline of the island of Bohol there are 2,810 hectares of extensive mangrove forests .

Dive destination

The Mindanao Sea is extremely rich in fish and has a large number of coral reefs , which makes it a paradise for fishermen and divers. A number of coral reefs can be found in the area of ​​the islands of Panglao , Selinog , Camiguin and Balicasag .

The Mindanao Sea is the habitat for clownfish , dolphins , barracudas , large coral formations and other marine life from tropical waters.

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Coordinates: 9 ° 10 '  N , 124 ° 20'  E