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star Mintaka (δ Ori)
The 3 stars of the Orion belt.  Mintaka is the bright blue star in the top right.
The 3 stars of the Orion belt. Mintaka is the bright blue star in the top right.
data epoch : J2000.0
Constellation Orion
Radial velocity (18.5) km / s
distance  380 pc
Proper movement
Total: 2.20 to 2.32 mas / a
Individual data
Names Aa, Ab, C
Observation data:
Right ascension Aa 05 h 32 m 00.4 s
C. 05 h 32 m 00.4 s
declination Aa 1998243−0 ° 17 ′ 57 ″
C. 1998296−0 ° 17 ′ 04 ″
Aa 2.20 to 2.32 m
From m
C. 6.83 m
Spectral class Aa O9.5 II / B1 V
From B0 IV
C. B2 V
M vis
Aa (−5.7 / −3.0) mag
From (-4.5) mag
C. like
Physical Properties:
Dimensions Aa (24 / 8.4) M
From (22.5) M
C. M
radius Aa (16.5 / 6.5) R
From (10.4) R
C. R
Luminosity Aa (190000/16000) L
From (60000) L
C. L
Effective temperature Aa (29500/25600) K
From (28400) K.
C. K
Designations and catalog entries
Bayer-Bez. δ Orionis
Flamsteed-Bez. 34 Orionis
Hipparcos catalog HIP 25930
WDS catalog WDS J05320-0018
ADS catalog ADS 4134
FK5 206, CCDM 05320-0018
Bonn diam. Aa BD 0 ° 983A
From BD 0 ° 983B
C. BD 0 ° 982
Bright Star Cat. Aa HR 1852
From MR
C. HR 1851
HD catalog Aa HD 36486
From HD
C. HD 36485
SAO catalog Aa SAO 132220
From SAO
C. SAO 132221
Tycho catalog Aa TYC 4766-2445-1
From TYC
C. TYC 4766-2444-1

Mintaka ( also Mintika, Arabic منطقة, DMG Minṭaqa  'belt' [its right end]) is the name of the star δ Orionis (Delta Orionis) in the constellation Orion . The star of the 2nd magnitude , together with the equally bright eastern neighboring stars Alnilam and Alnitak, forms the so-called Orion belt in the middle of the striking winter constellation , which represents the ancient Greek hunter Orion.


The apparent brightness of the slightly changeable giant star averages +2.2 mag. Mintaka is of the spectral type B0 (Morgan-Keenan: O9.5II) and about 1000 light years away from us. The determination of distance is currently still very uncertain: on the one hand, the Hipparcos data provide values ​​of around 210 and 280 pc , while other distance determinations for the Orion belt, in which Mintaka is located, come to 380 pc. Mintaka is a multiple star system , the two closest components of which form a mutually covering double star of the Algol type , which orbit each other every 5.7 days.

Mintaka's main star is a blue supergiant with a photosphere temperature of around 30,000 Kelvin . It belongs to the 10% of the most luminous stars. Its bolometric luminosity is 70,000 times higher than that of the sun, its diameter about 20 times larger.

The star HD 36485 (Delta Orionis C) probably also belongs to the system, which in turn is a spectroscopic binary star . Its distance was determined by Gaia in the Gaia DR2 catalog to be 390 pc ± 10 pc, which fits well with the distance assumptions of the Orion belt.

The star system, like the left belt star, is a member of the open star cluster Collinder 70 .

Mintaka in fiction

In the Star Trek universe, the Mintaka system is home to the proto-volcanic civilization of the Mintakans, who have reached a level of technology that roughly corresponds to the Earth's Bronze Age .

In the Perry Rhodan Universe, it is the home of the Topides.

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