Mortier de 270 modèle 1889

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Mortier de 270 modèle 1889

Battery de la Tente on the Île d'Aix

General Information
Military designation: Mortier de 270 modèle 1889
Manufacturer country: France
Developer / Manufacturer: Charles Ragon de Bange
Start of production: 1889
Number of pieces: 30th
Model variants: 1
Technical specifications
Pipe length: 3.35 m
Caliber :

27 cm

Caliber length : 12
Cadence : 0.5 rounds / min
Elevation range: −7 +60 degrees of angle
Side straightening area: 300 °
Charging principle: Breech loader with crank lock

The Mortier de 270 modèle 1889 ( German  mortar 270 mm model 1889 ) or Mortier sur affût G (mortar on mount G) was a gun of the French coastal artillery of the 19th century.


Reserve guns (270 mm howitzers) in the Mailly warehouse

In the course of efforts to make France's coastal defense more effective, the “Canon de 270 modèle 1889” were placed on a “Système Vasseur” bogie. This was a center pivot mount with a lateral directional range of 300 °, which made it ideal for use as coastal artillery. It was the successor to the Mortier de 270 modèle 1885 , which had only been provided with an improved mount, the so-called "mount G". The pipe was returned via a slide in which the pipe cradle was inserted. The mortar was designed by Charles Valérand Ragon de Bange .

After the invasion of France during the Second World War , the Wehrmacht found 24 of these mortars in the reserve stocks of the French army in the Mailly camp . They were built into the Atlantic Wall as a “27 cm coastal mortar 585 (f)” . They were mentioned here in 1945. Nothing is known about the use and whereabouts.

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