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Nunuheu (East Timor)
Coordinates 9 ° 16 ′  S , 124 ° 21 ′  E Coordinates: 9 ° 16 ′  S , 124 ° 21 ′  E
Map of the Pante Makassar Administrative OfficeMap of the Pante Makassar Administrative Office
Basic data
Country East Timor

local community

Oe-Cusse Ambeno
Administrative office Pante Macassar
Suco Cunha
height 234 m

Nunuheu ( Noenoe Heno , Nuno-Heno , Nuno-Eno , Nunheno ) is a place in the East Timorese exclave Oe-Cusse Ambeno in the western part of Timor . From 1936 until shortly after the Second World War the place was called Valverde .


Nunuheu is located in the Suco Cunha of the administrative office Pante Macassar , at an altitude of 234  m . It is located on the west bank of the Tonos , the largest river of Oe-Cusse Ambeno, which is sometimes also called "Nunuheu". Opposite the Abanal flows into the Tono. A junction of the overland road from Pante Macassar to Bobometo leads into Nunuheu and on to Nitibe in the west.


Until the beginning of the 20th century, the residence of the ruler of Ambeno was in Nunuheu . In July 1641, the ruler of Ambeno and his entourage were baptized here by Dominicans .

In May 1912 the ruler of Ambeno rebelled. All Portuguese in the empire who were not church members were brought to the seat of government by João da Cruz , Usif of Ambeno, and executed. The gunboat Pátria brought African soldiers and 150 Moradores stationed in Timor under the command of Capitão Pimenta de Castro to Ambeno. The rebellion was put down. João da Cruz fled to the Dutch part of Timor and Nunuheu lost his status as the seat of the ruler of Ambeno. João da Cruz's relatives, newly appointed by the Portuguese, settled in Tulaica . In addition, the kingdom of Ambeno was now finally subordinated to the kingdom of Oe-Cusse and Hugo da Costa.

The ruins of the Portuguese Mission in Nunuheu are now the meeting point of the traditional rulers of Oe-Cusse for negotiations.

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