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Otfried Wagenbreth (born April 7, 1927 in Zeitz ; † May 25, 2017 in Bad Kreuznach ) was a German geologist and mining historian .


At the end of the Second World War, Wagenbreth still had to do military service as an 18-year-old and was taken prisoner by the Americans near Alterode on April 17, 1945 . He was then taken to the Kripp-Sinzig prison camp until June 1, 1945 .

After studying mining science at the Bergakademie Freiberg from 1946 to 1950, Wagenbreth earned his doctorate in 1958. rer. nat. From 1958 he was employed by the geological service in Halle (Saale) . In 1962 he was appointed lecturer for geology and technical rock science at the University of Architecture and Construction in Weimar . In 1968 he received his habilitation . From 1979 Wagenbreth taught history and documentation of the means of production at the Technical University of Dresden .

In 1992 he was appointed to the Bergakademie Freiberg, where he took over the management of the newly founded Institute for the History of Science and Technology, which he held until 1994. At the same time Wagenbreth took over the chair for the history of technology . After his retirement in 1995, Wagenbreth continued to work as a lecturer for the history of technology at the TU Bergakademie until 2008. Helmuth Albrecht took over his chair .

In addition to his teaching activities, Wagenbreth published around 500 geoscientific and mining history publications, some of which have become standard works. He achieved particular merits through his commitment to the preservation of the monuments of the mining and metallurgy industry and historical mills in Saxony. Wagenbreth contributed to the creation of the "Atlas on the history and regional studies of Saxony" and developed the map "Natural resources and mining". In addition, at his instigation, thirteen memorial stones were erected from 1975 to mark the flint line in various cities in East Germany.


In 1979 he received the Abraham Gottlob Werner Medal from the Society for Geological Sciences of the GDR . In 1998 he became an honorary member of the Thuringian Geological Association . Wagenbreth was honored with the Saxon Order of Merit on November 2, 2000 . In 2006 he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit (1st class) , but he refused to accept it. In 2007 he received the Andreas Möller History Prize from the Foundation for Art and Culture of the Kreissparkasse Freiberg.

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