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Otto Zacharias

Otto Zacharias (born January 27, 1846 in Leipzig , † October 2, 1916 in Kiel ; full name Emil Otto Zacharias ) was a German zoologist , plankton researcher and journalist .


Otto Zacharias studied in Leipzig , among others, mathematics , philosophy , and zoology . He obtained his doctorate in 1869. Phil. With the dissertation on some metaphysical differences between Herbart and Kant . He then worked as a private scholar in Italy. For many years he worked as a journalist, mainly devoting himself to the popular science communication of complex topics in biology. To this end, he corresponded for a long time with leading scientists and writers in Prussia as well as in other European and non-European countries. Among them: Ernst Haeckel , Charles Darwin , Rudolf Virchow , Joseph Kürschner and Wilhelm Bölsche . On April 1, 1892, Zacharias was able to open the first "biological station" for freshwater research on German soil as a private research institute on the Great Plöner See with financial support from the Prussian government and several private individuals . The model for this was the zoological station in Naples founded by Felix Anton Dohrn in 1870 and already highly recognized at the time . Today the building at Eutiner Straße 4 is used as a restaurant and by the Plön sailing club .

"Old Ferry House" on the Great Plöner See

As director, Zacharias published the research reports from the biological station in Plön from 1893 . He continued the journal quarterly in 1905 as an archive for hydrobiology and plankton science, which became a leader in freshwater science. In so-called “holiday courses”, Zacharias trained teachers and interested laypeople in working with the microscope .

The station was later taken over by the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of Science and directed by August Thienemann . The successor institution, the Max Planck Institute for Limnology, was no longer in the historical building, but in Plön . That institute was replaced by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in April 2007 . Its three departments, each with a director for genetics, ecology and theory, employ a total of around 150 people. Diethard Tautz heads the genetics department .

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