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Otto von Gehren (born December 10, 1817 in Marburg , † October 15, 1896 in Kassel ) was a German administrative lawyer and parliamentarian in the Electorate of Hesse .


Otto von Gehren was a son of the Hessian government procurator and public prosecutor Henrich Otto von Gehren (1766–1843) and his wife Amalia nee. from Vulpius. He was married to Wilhelmine geb. von Gehren, an adopted daughter of the Grand Ducal Hessian Colonel Bernhard von Gehren in Darmstadt . He was the father of Reinhard von Gehren and Philipp von Gehren (1868–1931), district administrator in the Goldap district , East Prussia .


Gehren first studied medicine , then law and camera science at the Philipps University of Marburg . In 1839 he became active in the Corps Hassia Marburg . In 1843 he became a trainee lawyer with the local government and in 1850 provisional second administrative officer at the Kirchhain administrative office . In 1852 he came to the Marburg District Office as an assessor . In 1854 he became district secretary in Schlüchtern . Since 1861 assessor at the Kassel police department , he became district administrator in the Ziegenhain district (1863), the Frankenberg district (1866) and the Homberg district (1868). With the character of a Privy Councilor, he retired on October 1, 1895.

Otto von Gehren was a member of the Prussian House of Representatives from 1879 to 1888 . From 1881 to 1890 he sat in the Reichstag (German Empire) . The city of Homberg (Efze) made him an honorary citizen .

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