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Otto Georg Bogislaf von Glasenapp (born September 30, 1853 in Schivelbein , Pomerania ; † March 3, 1928 in Berlin ) was Vice President of the Reichsbank .


His parents were Sigismund von Glasenapp (1819–1900) and his wife Elisabeth Spener (1824–1889), a daughter of the landowner Philipp Spener . Lieutenant General Gerhard Philipp Jakob von Glasenapp (1859–1936) was his brother. His father was a pharmacy owner in Schivelbein until 1865 and then moved to Potsdam.

Life and professional history

After graduating from high school in 1871, Otto von Glasenapp studied in Potsdam in Tübingen (where he became a member of the Normannia Association ), Leipzig and Berlin. He entered the judicial service on October 28, 1874 and was appointed court assessor on September 17, 1879 . As such, he worked for the public prosecutor's office at the Berlin Regional Court and from 1880 in the Ministry of Justice.

In June 1882 he was transferred to the Reich Treasury appointed and there on December 22, 1886, for the Imperial Government promoted, on 12 September 1890 to the Privy Councilor and the presenting advice. In this capacity he took part as a German delegate at the international coin conference in Brussels (November 22nd to December 17th, 1892). After he had been appointed to the Secret Upper Government Council on December 4, 1893, he was appointed to the Secret Upper Finance Council and member of the Reichsbank Board of Directors on March 25, 1896 . In 1907 he became Vice President of the Reichsbank in Berlin.

He left the service of the Reichsbank on October 28, 1924, but kept an office there which he continued to use. Until his death he was consulted by the Reichsbank directorate, especially on legal questions. Also in 1924, Schivelbein, his hometown, made him an honorary citizen.

Grave of Otto von Glasenapp in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Otto von Glasenapp died on March 3, 1928 at the age of 74 in Berlin, after failing to recover from the consequences of a car accident in January of that year. His preserved grave is in the cemetery of the Bethlehem community in Berlin-Kreuzberg .

Glasenapp married May 20, 1890 Elisabeth Marie Jähns (1868–1934), a daughter of the officer and writer Max Jähns . The marriage resulted in two sons and a daughter:

  • Otto Max Helmuth (born September 8, 1891 - † June 25, 1963), religious scholar and Indologist
  • Elisabeth Marie Hildegard (born October 15, 1893)
  • Wilhelm Otto Gerhard Wilkin (born June 26, 1897)



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