Out of Time - His opponent is time

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German title Out of Time - His opponent is time
Original title Out of time
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2003
length 105 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 12
Director Carl Franklin
script David Collard
production Jesse Beaton et al. a.
music Graeme Revell
camera Theo van de Sande
cut Carole Kravetz

Out of Time - His opponent is the time ( Out of Time ) is an American thriller from the year 2003 . Directed by Carl Franklin.


In Banyan Key, a sleepy community in the Florida Keys , life seems to be going well for Chief of Police Mathias "Matt" Whitlock. Although he has not yet got over the breakup with his police officer wife Alex, his relationship with Ann Harrison, the wife of the football player Chris, who beats his wife, helps him. When Ann and Matt were told by their doctor, Dr. When Frieland learns that Ann is seriously ill with cancer and will die in a few months, he gives her $ 485,000 in secured drug money for alternative treatment in Switzerland.

The plot takes a dramatic turn when the Harrisons house is burned down by arson and two charred bodies are found in the rubble. The police assume that the dead are Ann and Chris, because a comparison of the teeth of the corpses with a dentist's records shows that it must be Ann and Chris. To make matters worse, Matt's still-wife Alex is taking over the case from the criminal investigation department. Matt tries hard to sabotage the investigation of Alex in order to divert suspicion of murder from himself, because he not only had a relationship with Ann, but is also registered as a beneficiary of her life insurance . When Matt found out while doing research at the hospital that Ann wasn't sick at all and that Dr. Frieland is really a very different person, he realizes that Ann was only using him to get the drug money.

As the investigation continues, Matt is increasingly pressed for time, as the DEA drug enforcement agency demands the money back to check the serial numbers . With a fingerprint on a ballpoint pen, he can identify and track down the wrong doctor as Paul Cabot. In a scuffle, Cabot falls to his death from the balcony of his hotel room, Matt finds the money under the bed and, with a lot of luck, can smuggle it out of the hotel, which is stormed by the police. In the evening, Ann calls Matt at the police station and tearfully asks his forgiveness. Matt believes that with Ann's help he can find Chris too. Therefore, he accepts her request and takes the money to an agreed meeting point. Alex has since found out that Matt was playing the wrong game all along. When she wants to confront him, she has to find out that he has secretly made off. At the same time, the DEA arrives to collect the seized drug money.

At the meeting point, on an old paddle steamer, Matt can almost overwhelm Chris, who is also present, in a duel. When this turns to Ann, he is shot by her in cold blood. Ann confesses to Matt that she arranged the whole thing and now demands that the money be handed over. She shoots at Matt and hits him first in the head, then in the right leg. When she threatens to kill Matt, Alex, who followed Matt, shoots her at the last second. Matt had hidden a GPS transmitter in his money case and could be located by Alex. He had previously given the money to his loyal colleague Chae so that he could give it back to the DEA so that the DEA could not find out about the unauthorized private use.

Matt confesses to his still-wife Alex that he still loves her and so they both find each other again. For Matt's sake, she waives the million from life insurance.


“Just as straightforward as stylish crime comedy that lives from its high speed and a convincing main actor with the courage to self-irony. Entertaining, but also a bit conservative film that does not want to disturb, but is extremely conservative. "

“Franklin starts his work deliberately slowly, but then the overloaded story, which Franklin also worked on this time, picks up more and more speed. The whole thing is staged solidly, but the viewer shouldn't expect big surprises. "


  • 2004 American Black Film Festival: Best Actress to Sanaa Lathan
  • Black Reel Awards 2004: Best Actress to Sanaa Lathan and Best Melodramatic Film.

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