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Patrick Suppes (born March 17, 1922 in Tulsa , Oklahoma , USA , † November 17, 2014 in Stanford , California ) was an American theorist of science . The thinker has u. a. the classic post-Tarski representation of the definition of formal definitions worked out.


After studying mathematics and philosophy at the University of Oklahoma , Tulsa and Chicago , Suppes became professor of philosophy of science at Stanford University after several positions . He was a representative of the model-theoretical point of view in the theory of science and published on the philosophy of mathematics.


In 1957, the philosopher published Introduction to Logic as the first volume of an introductory series for undergraduate mathematics students edited by John L. Kelley and Paul R. Halmos . In the first part of the work, Suppes developed a widely used definition and, based on it, an explanatory descriptive theory of formal definitions. The theory of formal definitions of Nuel Belnap is based on soupes in its historical understanding.

In terms of the history of science, Suppes is assigned to the Stanford School in philosophy of science together with Nancy Cartwright , Ian Hacking and John Dupré . These are united by the critical handling of the reductionist ideal of unified science .

In 1962 he gave a lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Stockholm (The learning of mathematical concepts) and gave the Tarski Lectures in 1999 . He was a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (since 1968), the National Academy of Sciences (since 1978), the American Philosophical Society (since 1991) and a foreign member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences .


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