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The French physician and encyclopedia Paul-Joseph Barthez (1734–1806).

Paul Joseph de Barthez de Marmorières , mostly Paul-Joseph Barthez (born December 11, 1734 in Montpellier , † October 15, 1806 in Paris ) was a French doctor, physiologist and encyclopaedist .

Live and act

Paul Joseph was the son of the bridge and road construction engineer , ingénieur des ponts et chaussées Guillaume de Barthez de Marmorières . His father was married to Marie Rey and married on February 28, 1734 in Montpellier. Paul Joseph Barthez had four brothers Antoine (1736-1811), Jacques (1741-1813), Pierre (1747-1811) and Guillaume de Barthez de Marmorières (1755-1817). Together with his father, both were later involved as encyclopedists with their contributions to the Encyclopédie by Denis Diderot .

Barthez first studied rhetoric and philosophy in Toulouse . On October 30, 1750 he enrolled at the Université de Médicine de Montpellier , his baccalauréat (see also bachelor's degree ) there on February 13, 1753, his license on July 16, 1753 and his doctorate on August 3, 1753. In old age at nineteen he received his doctorate from the medical faculty of Montpellier, then Barthez spent some years in Paris, where he became friends with Jean-Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert and became part of the intellectual circles in the French capital. In 1755 he took part in the clashes during the Seven Years' War as a field doctor in Normandy and Hanover , fell ill with typhus and returned to Paris. In 1757 and worked on the Encyclopédie and the Journal des savants .

In the period from 1761 to 1778 he was appointed professor of physiology in Montpellier and then also took over the function of chancellor. From 1781 he was the personal physician of the Duke of Orléans, he was promoted to regimental physician for the Dragoons and a member of the Council of State , médecin-chef de tous les régiments de dragons et conseiller d'État . He was also appointed a member of the Academy of Sciences in Paris . In 1780 he became a foreign member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences . In 1785 he became Chancellor of the University of Paris . From 1789 he moved his center of life again to Montpellier due to political difficulties in pre-revolutionary Paris.

Barthez, along with Théophile de Bordeu, is one of the founders of French vitalism in the Montpellier School , Doctrine médicale de l'École de Montpellier . He traced the unity of the organism back to a universally valid principle of life, which holds the individual parts of the body together through " sympathy ": the "forces radicales" (basic forces) decide on the state of the organism, and the "forces agissantes" (partial forces) have control the functions of the individual organs.

Statues of Barthez and Lapeyronie in front of the entrance to the Montpellier Medical Faculty, Faculté de médecine de Montpellier .

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