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Paul Parin

Paul Parin (born September 20, 1916 - not in Polzela / Austria-Hungary , in today's Slovenia , † May 18, 2009 in Zurich ) was a psychoanalyst , ethnologist and writer .


Paul Parin, possibly born in Graz, grew up as the son of a Swiss abroad in an upper -class, Jewish-assimilated family on his parents' estate in Polzela (in the district of Založe , formerly also called Neukloster ). He studied medicine at the universities in Graz and Zagreb . Parin received his doctorate in 1943. This was followed by training as a surgeon until 1946. During this time Parin worked as a surgeon for the Yugoslav partisans in 1944/45 . Parin then completed training as a neurologist and psychoanalyst in Switzerland . Since 1952 Paul Parin had his own practice as a psychoanalyst in Zurich.

Between 1955 and 1971 Paul Parin undertook six research trips to West Africa . Together with his wife Goldy Parin-Matthèy - the couple married in 1955 - and Fritz Morgenthaler , he developed the field of ethnopsychoanalysis : Since the mid-1960s, the research authors became internationally known for their successful attempt to apply the methods of psychoanalysis in ethnology. With the psychoanalytically grounded field research study entitled The Whites Think Too Much (1963) they showed that the psychoanalysis developed and applied in Europe and North America was also suitable for working with members of other origins.

From 1972 to 1979 Paul Parin was a psychotherapist at the Psychiatric University Clinic in Zurich . He is one of the prominent representatives of a - in the sense of radical Enlightenment - politically engaged psychoanalysis. He recorded the memories of his research trips in several books; in addition there were a number of volumes of short stories in his last lifetime.

Paul Parin found his final resting place in the Rehalp cemetery .

Since 2018, the 19-volume edition of Parins has been published by Mandelbaum Verlag in Vienna .




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