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Peter Krieg (actually Wilhelm Gladitz ; born August 27, 1947 in Schwäbisch Gmünd ; † July 22, 2009 in Berlin ) was a German documentary filmmaker , producer and author.

Live and act

In the early 1970s, Krieg and his wife Heidi Knott studied at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. They shot and produced their films together for their own company Teldok Film Television and Documentar Film GmbH & Co. KG . They received funding from various institutions such as the World Health Organization or from charitable institutions such as the Bread for the World Foundation . They kept the film rights themselves in order to exclude external control in dealing with their films, even if this meant a loss of income.

In his documentaries he dealt with the problematic relationships between the so-called “first” and “third world”. The film Bottle Children (1975) attacks the Nestlé Group because of its baby food campaign in developing countries.

The film Septemberweizen (1980), which received an Adolf Grimme Prize with gold and a film ribbon in silver in 1981, met with a particularly positive response . Using the example of American wheat production, he researched the causes of hunger in times of abundance.

In 1983, Krieg received honorable recognition from the Adolf Grimme Prize for the documentation at Bahnhofstrasse Zurich and Das Packeissyndrom .

From 1994, Krieg also dealt with the production, advice and support of special productions in the media sector, for example for the Expo 2000 .

Krieg died at the age of 61 as a result of a major operation.


As a director:

  • 1973: The farm for the rental income
  • 1973: Fish War: David defeats Goliath
  • 1975: bottled children
  • 1976: seeds of health
  • 1977: Sangham
  • 1978: Adapted technology
  • 1978: Medicine of Liberation
  • 1979: sponsored children
  • 1980: September wheat
  • 1982: The dream of survival
  • 1982: The pack ice syndrome
  • 1983: The Nuremberg promise
  • 1984: Report from an abandoned planet
  • 1986: father's country
  • 1987: The soul of money
  • 1988: machine dreams
  • 1991: Suspicious Minds or the Order of Chaos
  • 1993: The disaster game
  • 1993: Addio Africa?
  • 1994: TV a la carte
  • 1995: the magic effect
  • 2009: Consensus in Somaliland


  • "The paranoid machine" . Leipzig: EA Seemann, 2005. ISBN 9783936931181
  • The eye of the beholder : In honor of Heinz von Foerster , the "Socrates the cyberneticist" , the psychologist Paul Watzlawick and documentary filmmaker Peter Krieg have invited scholars of rank under the motto "The eye of the beholder" to examine the influence of the radical Trace constructivism of Heinz von Foerster. This gave an insight into the state of constructivist thinking in sociology, biology, literary studies and psychology through to journalism. (Hanover: Heise 2005, ISBN 3-936931-18-6 )
  • Man does not die on bread alone: ​​from wheat to bread to hunger  ; Reader for the film "Septemberweizen", Frankfurt am Main: Zweiausendeins, 1987. OCLC 45280456
  • September 11th and its consequences , edited by Dirk Baecker , Peter Krieg and Fritz B. Simon . In this book, the authors try to use literary, sociological and systemic possibilities to present the conflict without taking a stand for either side.

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