Pietro Lando

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Pietro Lando, painting by Domenico Tintoretto (1560–1635)

Pietro Lando (* around 1462 in Venice ; † November 9, 1545 ibid) was the 78th Doge of the Republic of Venice between 1538 and 1545. During his reign, the war with the Turks was ended with territorial and financial losses for Venice.


The Lando family is first recorded in Venetian files in 1151. She was one of the case nuove .


Pietro Lando's coat of arms

After studying philosophy, Lando initially embarked on a career as a businessman. He was famous for his excellent nautical knowledge. After his return to Venice, he initially worked as a lawyer, was then sent to the Vatican as an ambassador , but was recalled from there after a short time to take over a fleet command. He had a respectable career as captain general. During a battle against the papal troops in 1509 he was captured near Faenza and only released in 1512. During his time as Podestà of Padua he had the university renewed. In 1534 he became procurator at San Marco .

The Doge's Office

Surrender between the Ottoman Empire and Venice after the Battle of Preveza, signed October 2, 1540

During his dogat, the war with the Turks, which had been started by his predecessor Andrea Gritti , came to an end . He saw himself forced to sign a humiliating peace treaty with Suleyman I in 1540 , whereby the last possessions of Venice in the Peloponnese passed to the Ottoman Empire . Venice also had to pay substantial reparations to the victor.


  • Palma Giovane : The body of the dead Christ, carried by angels, is worshiped by the Doges Pietro Lando and Marcantonio Trevisan. Sala del Senato, Doge's Palace


His tomb was in the now demolished church of San Antonio di Castello.


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