Piz Tschierva

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Piz Tschierva
Piz Tschierva from the south, from Piz Roseg, on the right Piz Morteratsch

Piz Tschierva from the south, from Piz Roseg , on the right Piz Morteratsch

height 3546  m above sea level M.
location Graubünden , Switzerland
Mountains Alps , Bernina group
Dominance 1.32 km →  Piz Morteratsch
Notch height 210 m ↓  Fuorcla Tschierva
Coordinates 788 156  /  143291 coordinates: 46 ° 24 '52 "  N , 9 ° 53' 10"  O ; CH1903:  seven hundred eighty-eight thousand one hundred and fifty-six  /  143291
Piz Tschierva (Canton of Graubünden)
Piz Tschierva
First ascent August 18, 1850 by Johann Coaz and others
Normal way From the Tschiervahütte over the east ridge ( F )

The Piz Tschierva ( [ˌpitsˈtʃiə̯rvɐ] ? / I , 3546  m above sea level ) is a mountain in the central part of the Bernina group of the Graubünden Alps in Switzerland . It lies between Val Roseg and Val Morteratsch , 1.7 kilometers northwest of Piz Morteratsch ( 3751  m ), from which Piz Tschierva is separated by Fuorcla Tschierva ( 3336  m ). “Tschierva” means “doe” in the Upper Engadin variant of the Rhaeto-Romanic language . Audio file / audio sample

On the north side of Piz Tschierva is the Missaun Glacier (Vadret da Misaun) and in the southeast of the Vadrettin da Tschierva , a branch of the Tschiervagletscher .

Compared to the Graubünden ice giants, the mountain is quite easy to climb, the easiest ascent leads from the Tschiervahütte over the Vadrettin da Tschierva to Fuorcla Tschierva and further over the east ridge. The Fuorcla Tschierva is alternatively also from the Boval hut to achieve.

Those who prefer to be on the rocks and avoid contact with the ice can also climb directly from the western end of the Tschiervagletscher through a couloir from around July - watch out for the risk of falling rocks .

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