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The Prix ​​Nadar is a French photo book award founded in 1955 by the Gens d'Images and Albert Plécy society. The award goes to the best French-language photo book from last year on historical or contemporary photography.

A jury of ten experts from the field of photography meets in the Bibliothèque nationale de France to choose the winner . The jury chair changes annually. In addition to the National Library, all the award-winning works are also included in the library of the “Musée Nicéphore Niépce” in Chalon-sur-Saône . The award is named after the French photographer Felix Nadar (1820–1910), one of the pioneers of photography.

Award winners

Umbria - Land of Saint Francis - Song of the Sun and Legends of Flowers , 1966

Haskins: Cover of the original issue of Cowboy Kate , 1964
Italia Mia. Introduction by Alberto Moravia . Düsseldorf 1973. 1
  • 1975: Collectif VU, Par Life , éd. Life
  • 1976: Georg Gerster , La Terre de l'Homme , Zurich, éd. Atlantis
Man on his earth , Zurich 1975
  • 1977: André Martin , Les noires vallées du repentir , éd. Entente
  • 1978: Josef Koudelka , Gitans la fin du voyage , éditions Delpire
  • 1981: Willy Ronis , Au Fil du hasard , éditions Contrejour
  • 1982: August Sander , Hommes du XXème siècle , éditions Le Chêne
20th century people . 7 volumes. New edition: Munich 2002, ISBN 3-82960006-2 .
Marie Cécile Bruwier , Les Pyramides de Giseh à travers l'histoire de la photographie
Alain D'Hooghe , Les Trois Grandes Égyptiennes , éd. Marval
  • 1997: Christian Bouqueret , Des années folles aux années noires , éd. Marval
  • 1998: Anthologie de la photographie africaine et de l'Océan India , ouvrage collectif, éd. Revue Noire, ISBN 2-90957130-0 .
  • 1999: Michael Ackerman , End Time City , éd. Delpire.

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