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Announcer Gabriela Hellweg in the Cologne studio of the NWDR , 1953

Program speakers (also known as announcers ) are people who announce or cancel programs on radio and television.


The world's first announcer on television was Ursula Patzschke-Beutel at the German television station Paul Nipkow , the world's first television station.

Well-known television announcers included Irene Koss , Ursula von Manescul , Dagmar Bergmeister , Annette von Aretin , Ruth Kappelsberger , Anneliese Fleyenschmidt , Claudia Doren , Hilde Nocker , Birgit Schrowange and Dénes Törzs .

On German television , the program speakers disappeared from the programs from the mid-1990s. In particular, the private broadcasters replaced the speakers with additional advertising time. The public broadcasters also increasingly did without the program speakers. At last they could only be seen in the evening program . The last announcement on ZDF was made by Angelika Wende on April 30, 2000. Instead of the classic television announcements, pre-produced trailers are used today , some of which are repeated several times.

Today you can only occasionally find announcements on ARD-Alpha , Phoenix or arte that are comparable to the program announcer of the past, but also only for program blocks, such as themed evenings. In some places, feature films are being given announcements again during prime time , for example on arte or ServusTV . The station zdf.kultur broadcast announcements before all programs until the program was switched to repetitions in view of its setting.

In the UK , the six television networks BBC One , BBC Two , ITV , Channel 4 , S4C and Channel Five have program speakers who end-credits, often live, at the end of a program.

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