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Rainer Lutz "Amsel" Nachtigall (born April 27, 1941 in Hoyerswerda ) was a soccer player in the GDR upper league and the GDR national soccer team .

Athletic career

Nachtigall grew up in the Lusatian lignite district and played football in the school team of a sports club in Neustadt / Spree at the age of seven . From 1951 to 1955 he was a member of the youth team of the BSG activist in Lohsa and then played for BSG Aufbau Hoyerswerda . There he proved to be a talented striker and was first used in August 1958 in the junior national team of the GDR. There he won a regular place in the following games and thus recommended himself for a change to higher divisions, since the men's team of BSG Aufbau only played in the fifth-class district class Cottbus. The change was made in 1959 to the current GDR soccer champion ASK Vorwärts Berlin . On the last day of the league season 1959 on November 29, Nachtigall was used for the first time in the ASK's league team. He was substituted on in the away game against SC Turbine Erfurt (2: 3 defeat) in the 75th minute as a right winger.

After Nachtigall was called up to two youth international games in the first half of 1960 and was in the B national team in August 1960, he played his first A international match on December 11, 1960 in the encounter between Morocco and GDR (2: 3) in Casablanca and became called up there as a right winger. However, since Roland Ducke from Jena was set as a regular player, it was not until 1963 that Nachtigall was able to assert himself as the right wing of the national team. By 1965, Nachtigall was a member of the senior national team a total of eleven times. With two goals, however, his yield as a striker was relatively low and he was ousted by Roland Ducke again. In 1963 Nachtigall played in the two Olympic qualifying games of the GDR-Federal Republic (3: 0, 1: 2). After the first game in Karl-Marx-Stadt, the West German national coach Sepp Herberger remarked : "With this man all right-wing problems would be solved for years." (Spiegel 44/1963)

With the ASK Vorwärts, from which the soccer club Vorwärts Berlin emerged in 1965, Rainer Nachtigall's soccer career was much more successful. In his second year in Berlin, he and his team were GDR champions and with seven goals was the ASK's third-best goalscorer. The forward team dominated the GDR league in the 1960s, and so Nachtigall came in 1962, 1965, 1966 and 1969 to another four championship titles. In a coach survey organized by the newspaper Deutsches Sportecho for the 1962/63 season, Nachtigall emerged as the best right winger. In the 1969/70 season Nachtigall played for the last time in the GDR league. After 159 point games in which he scored 27 goals, he was in the seasons 1969/70 (8 games, 1 goal) and 1970/71 (2 games, no goals) in the second-rate DDR-Liga playing the second team of the FC Forward deployed. In September 1971 he moved to the Berlin district division BSG Rotation , where he finally ended his active career.

Professional career

Nachtigall, who had completed a degree in journalism, later made a name for himself off the field as a football editor for the specialist newspapers fuwo - Die neue Fußballwoche and Deutsches Sportecho . After reunification , he settled in Chemnitz , where he worked as an editor at the Berliner Kurier and at Bild . In Sportverlag Berlin Nightingale was before the reunification (co-) author of football books.

Career overview

  • Numbers :
    • 159 league games, 27 goals
    • 15 European Cup games, 2 goals
    • 11 senior internationals, 2 goals
    • 2 Olympic selection games
    • 1 international B match
    • 2 international youth games
    • 7 international junior matches, 2 goals

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