District of Rheinhessen-Pfalz

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District of Rheinhessen-Pfalz
Inventory period 1968-1999
Affiliation Rhineland-Palatinate
Administrative headquarters Neustadt an der Weinstrasse
Number of municipalities 637 (1995)
surface 6,851.42 km² (1995)
Residents 1,976,995 (1995)
Population density 289 inhabitants / km²
Location of the administrative district Rheinhessen-Pfalz in Rhineland-Palatinate
Rhineland-Palatinate administrative region Rheinhessen-Pfalz.svg

The administrative district Rheinhessen-Pfalz was from 1968 to the end of 1999 one of the three administrative districts of Rhineland-Palatinate , located in the south of the country. It was created through the unification of the administrative districts of Rheinhessen (seat in Mainz ) established in 1946 when the state of Rhineland-Palatinate was formed - on the left the Rhenish area formerly part of the Grand Duchy or People's State of Hesse - and the Palatinate (seat in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse) - the former Palatinate ( Bavaria) .

Rheinhessen-Pfalz comprised 10 independent cities and 10 rural districts .

With the restructuring of the state administration on January 1, 2000, the administrative districts in Rhineland-Palatinate were dissolved and the district governments were transferred to the Supervision and Service Directorate (ADD) or Structure and Approval Directorate (SGD) North and South , which are now responsible for certain areas of responsibility and are no longer responsible for all tasks within their previous district. Your geographical responsibilities therefore also partially extend to the whole country. The narrower area of ​​responsibility of SGD Süd corresponds to the area of ​​the former administrative district of Rheinhessen-Pfalz.

Former administrative structure 1999

Counties One district cities
  1. Alzey-Worms
  2. Bad Dürkheim
  3. Donnersbergkreis
  4. Germersheim
  5. Kaiserslautern
  6. Kusel
  7. Ludwigshafen
  8. Mainz-Bingen
  9. Southern Wine Route
  10. Southwest Palatinate
  1. Frankenthal (Palatinate)
  2. Kaiserslautern
  3. Landau in the Palatinate
  4. Ludwigshafen am Rhein
  5. Mainz
  6. Neustadt an der Weinstrasse
  7. Pirmasens
  8. Speyer
  9. Worms
  10. Zweibrücken

District President

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