Regional army

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A regional army ( Japanese 方面軍 , hōmengun ) was a large unit (similar to the German army ) in the organizational structure of the Imperial Japanese Army , which was composed of several corps or directly subordinate divisions and independent mixed brigades and was responsible for warfare in a certain region was. At the beginning of the Pacific War there was one regional army, at the end of the war there were 17.

The higher-level unit of the regional army was the main army .

A regional army was commanded by a lieutenant general or a general .

Regional armies (as of 1945)

The locations in brackets indicate the location of the regional army command.

  • 6th Regional Army (China, Hankou City)
    • 11th Army
    • 12th Army
    • 132nd Division
    • 17th independent mixed brigade
    • 83rd Independent Mixed Brigade
    • 84th Independent Mixed Brigade
    • 85th Independent Mixed Brigade
    • 5th Independent Infantry Brigade
    • 7th Independent Infantry Brigade
    • 12th Independent Infantry Brigade


  1. In the Imperial Japanese Army, the units called "Army" corresponded to the corps of Western armies.