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Robert Kleindienst (2008)

Robert Kleindienst (born March 4, 1975 in Salzburg ) is an Austrian writer .

life and work

Robert Kleindienst grew up in Radstadt im Pongau , studied German, political science and education at the University of Salzburg and wrote his thesis on Paul Celan in the context of Roland Barthes ' authoring concept. Kleindienst is a founding member of the literature portal die flut , a member of the Graz Authors ' Assembly , the IG Authors Authors and the Salzburg Authors' Group .

In 2019, he devoted himself to the children's concentration camps of the Croatian-fascist Ustascha in his novel Time of the Moult . In it he tells, based on historical documents, of camps that were set up for children of the murdered or abducted enemies of the regime . The novel thus illuminates a chapter of history that has largely been repressed in Croatia and Austria: the atrocities of the Ustasha, which were committed with the approval of the Catholic Church and with the active participation of priests, especially Franciscan fathers. The events after 1945 that are taken up in the novel are also explosive. On the so-called " rat lines ", war criminals were shipped to South America with the help of high-ranking clerics in order to enable them to start over under false names.

The Salzburg Peace Office chose the novel as Book of the Month for May 2019.


Contributions to the following anthologies
  • ZWEIGESTALT - ways and detours in dualisms and doubles . Edition Art Science 2020, ISBN 978-3-903335-04-2 .
  • Including spaces . edition eizenbergerhof, Salzburg 2017. ISBN 978-3901243455 .
  • Begging is a challenge. (Johannes Dines, Helmut P. Gaisbauer, Michael König, Clemens Sedmak , P. Virgil Steindlmüller [eds.]) Mandelbaum Verlag, Vienna 2015, ISBN 978-3-85476-491-5 .
  • I can see the sea from the lighthouse. edition eizenbergerhof, Salzburg 2011, ISBN 978-3-901243-34-9 .
  • Without expiration date. 30 years of Salzburg authors' group. Salzburg, 2011.
  • Punctuation skips. Verlag Luftschacht, Vienna 2009, ISBN 978-3-902373-48-9 .
  • As it is, without a harp. edition eizenbergerhof, Salzburg 2005, ISBN 3-901243-26-7 .
  • Listwise. Poetics and Poetry of the List. Verlag Der Pudel, Vienna 2004, ISBN 3-9501830-0-0 .
  • Short prose in: Lichtungen 128/2011.
  • But he. Epitaph with pauses (prose) in: Die Rampe 2/2008.
  • Ash guinea pig: Antikodex (prose) in: Salt 127/2007 .
  • But he. Epitaph with pauses . Text-WP: Off-Theater Wien, 2007 (cofactor chamber art).
  • Poem in: Macondo Edition 8/2002.
  • Poems in: Kolik 15/2001.
  • Poems in: Signum 1 / 1999–2000.
  • my very private petting zoo (prose) in: Am Erker 34 / 1997–98.
  • Poems in: Salz 87/1997.

Stage play


  • 2015 finial. A tower fantasy . Libretto for the Ulm oratorio . Composition: Marios Joannou Elia . Commissioned by the city of Ulm . So far not listed; the planned premiere in 2015 for the tower anniversary of Ulm Minster could not take place.

Radio plays

  • 1998 frontiers . Radio play. Director: Manfred Chobot .
  • 2012 But he: epitaph with pauses . Radio play by Count XIII based on a text by Robert Kleindienst. Premiere 2012.


  • 2008 plus minus . Composition by Mario Rosivatz based on a poem by Robert Kleindienst for voice and string quartet.
  • 2008 Pulsa diNura . Electronic music for a video by Robert Kleindienst and Mario Rosivatz.
  • 2006 Iconoclasm by Mario Rosivatz. Commissioned by the City of Vienna to compose based on poetry by Robert Kleindienst for ensemble and 2 voices.
  • 2002 summer, end, sale. Short film by Christoph Kendlbacher based on a text by Robert Kleindienst. Music: Hüseyin Evirgen .
  • 2000 snow air in my hand by Gunter Waldek . Commissioned composition based on poems by Robert Kleindienst.
  • 1998 reflection by Mario Rosivatz . Electronic music inspired by a poem by Robert Kleindienst.



  • Kateřina Hegrová: “Playing with the reader in Robert Kleindienst's novel 'Later perhaps'”. Diploma thesis at the Faculty of German Language and Literature at Masaryk University in Brno.

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