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Johann Franz Roger von Boch-Galhau (born December 10, 1873 in Mettlach , Merzig-Wadern district , Saarland ; † July 22, 1917 in the Alexandrowo field hospital , Birnbaum district , Posen province , from an illness brought on during the war), Dr. sc. pol. ( Political Science ), was a German entrepreneur , 6th generation shareholder and general director of the family company " Villeroy & Boch Ceramic Works " as well as landowner on Linslerhof and Mettlach. During the First World War he served as the Royal Prussian Rittmeister of the Reserve.


Boch came from an old merchant family from Audun-le-Tiche ( Moselle department in Lorraine ) and was the son of the entrepreneur and secret councilor René von Boch-Galhau (1843-1908) and Marie Pescatore (1847-1929).

He married Maria Freiin von Fürstenberg on January 12, 1904 at Schloss Gimborn (* March 6, 1880 at Gut Gimborn; † May 26, 1962 at Gut Mettlach, Merzig-Wadern district), the daughter of the royal Prussian cavalry master and landowner Franz-Egon Freiherr von Fürstenberg , master of the Gimborn and Eibach estates , and Berthe Countess of Marchant and Ansembourg . They had 3 children: Renata (1907–1963), who had been married to Karl Friedrich Freiherr von Schönberg (1903–1975) since 1931, Franz Egon von Boch-Galhau (1909–1981) and Monika (1915–1993).


During the First World War, Boch served as the Prussian Rittmeister of the reserve.



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