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Roland Herbert Bainton (born March 30, 1894 in Ilkeston Derbyshire , England , † February 13, 1984 in the USA ) was an American Protestant theologian , church historian and professor at Yale University .


Bainton's father was a pacifist who emigrated to the United States with his family when Bainton was eight years old. He received his AB degree from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, and then studied at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut . There he reached the rank of Bachelor of Divinity and received his doctorate . He was professor of church history at Yale University for forty-two years and continued to write books on church history after his retirement . Many of his books contain illustrations from his collection of drawings, woodcuts and engravings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance .

Bainton was married to a Quaker woman. After graduating from the theological seminary, he never held the office of pastor. At the beginning of the First World War he approached the Society of Friends and supported their division of the American Red Cross .

Honourings and prices


In memory of Baintopn, the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference annually awards the Roland H. Bainton Prize in the categories Art and Music History , History / Theology , Literature and Reference Works .

Publications (selection)

  • Concerning Heretics: Whether they are to be persecuted and how they are to be treated. A collection of the opinions of learned men both ancient and modern. An anonymous work attributed to Sebastian Castellio […]. Columbia University Press, New York 1935.
  • David Joris , Anabaptist and fighter for tolerance in the 16th century . M. Heinsius Nachf., Leipzig 1937.
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    • expanded new edition 1985: The Beacon Press, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Hunted Heretic: The Life and Death of Michael Servetus , 1511-1553 ; with a New Foreword by the author. The Beacon Press, Boston 1960.
  • Christian Attitude Toward War and Peace. A Critical Survey and a Critical Reevaluation . Abingdon Press, Nashville / New York City 1960.
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  • Women of the Reformation in France and England . Beacon Press, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1973, ISBN 0-8070-5649-9 .
in magazines
  • The Left Wing of the Reformation . In: The Journal of Religion , Volume 21 (1941), No. 2, pp. 124-134.

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