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Rudolf Grulich (born April 16, 1944 in Runarz , Mährisch Trübau district , Sudetenland ) is a German theologian and church historian .


Rudolf Grulich was expelled to Upper Franconia with his mother in September 1946. After attending elementary school in Creußen ( Bayreuth district ) and high school in Bayreuth, he studied Catholic theology and Slavic languages ​​at the Philosophical-Theological University in Königstein im Taunus , in Zagreb and in Augsburg . In 1976 he received his doctorate with the dissertation "The United Church in Macedonia" with Gerhard B. Winkler in Regensburg . 1980 followed the habilitation with the topic "The contribution of the Bohemian countries to the world mission of the 17th and 18th centuries" in Würzburg.

He worked at the Academy for Politics and Current Affairs of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Munich and as a research assistant at the theological faculties in Bochum and Regensburg, later as head of the information department of the aid organization “ Church in Need / Ostiesterhilfe ” and the Institutum Balticum in Königstein . Rudolf Grulich has been Scientific Director of the Institute for Church History of Bohemia-Moravia-Silesia in Nidda since 1988, honorary professor for church history at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen since 1990 and vice chairman of the Jewish Museum Nidda since 2016 .

Focus of work

Grulich has authored and edited over a dozen books, as well as hundreds of articles and contributions that show his focus:

  • History and culture of the Bohemian lands
  • The churches in the east
  • Ethnic groups and minorities in Europe.

In 1977 he founded the working group for ethnic groups and minority issues at the Heiligenhof educational facility in Bad Kissingen . In the same year he became a member of the founding board of trustees of the International Institute for Nationality Law and Regionalism (INTEREG) in Munich. He is a member of the Sudeten German Academy of Sciences and Fine Arts in Munich, the Sudeten German Council and the federal board of the Sudeten German Landsmannschaft as well as the working group for expellees pastoral care of the German Bishops' Conference.

Since 2005 he has been jointly responsible for a project at the Charles University in Prague entitled “Church and Nationalism in the 19th and 20th Centuries in the Bohemian Lands”. He also works for the international Catholic aid organization Church in Need as an advisor on Turkey issues.

For years he has been conducting study trips through the eastern countries. In 2005 and 2006 he published texts on the situation of Christians in Turkey and on the genocide of the Armenians .


In 1990 he received the science award of the Sudeten German Landsmannschaft (SL), in 1996 two high Croatian orders and in 2004 the beautiful stallion culture award. In 2008 he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit and in 2010 the Great Culture Prize of the Sudeten German Landsmannschaft. In March 2012 the BdV honorary plaque followed , and in October 2018 the Sudeten German Landsmannschaft's letter of honor , its second highest award.


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