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Ruoff is a family name that originated in Baden-Württemberg .

The "o" is often silent in standard German pronunciation; the vowel is then pronounced as a long [uː]. In Alemannic , from which the name comes, “uo” is still diphthong as [uə].

Origin of name

Ruoff is a contraction of Rudolf and goes back to the male personal name. In addition to Ruoff, spelling and phonetic variants of the same name that occur are Ruof , Ruef , Rueff , Ruf and Ruff .

Other derivations, for example from the German verb haben, from an alleged (but actually non-existent) Old Norse adjective rhodu or from the Latin first name Rufus , are not linguistically tenable.


The current namesake all originally come from the area between the Neckar and Danube . There are currently around 3,000 name bearers in Germany, most of whom live in Baden-Württemberg. In addition, more than 20,000 name bearers live in the USA .

Individuals with the surname Ruoff

  • Michael Ruoff (* 1964), Mayor of Hadamar (Hesse, Limburg-Weilburg district)
  • Richard Ruoff (1883–1967), German officer
  • Rita Ruoff-Breuer (* 1949), German architect and construction officer, President of the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR)
  • Rodney S. Ruoff (* 1957), American chemist
  • Susanne Ruoff (* 1958), Swiss manager
  • Theodore Burton Fox Ruoff (1910–1990), CBE, CB, lawyer and property writer, Chief Land Registrar of the UK (1963–1975), lived in London
  • Ulrich Ruoff , Swiss underwater archaeologist; from 1962 to 2000 Zurich city archaeologist
  • Wolfgang Ruoff (1882–1964), pianist and music professor

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