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Rudolf is a German male given name . Derived from this, it also appears as a family name .

Origin and meaning

The name Rudolf is made up of the Old High German words hrōd, hruod for fame, honor and wolf for wolf .


Rudolf has been a popular first name in Germany since the Middle Ages . More recently it was particularly popular between 1890 and 1940; the popularity of the name has declined significantly since the mid-1950s.

In Switzerland , people with the first name Rudolf are addressed almost exclusively with the short form Ruedi , and many also use this name in writing. The name is very common and has traditionally been very popular.

name day

The April 17 , the Rudolf of Bern, and the 6. November , which dates back to Rotho or Rudolf von Buren, are names days of Rudolf . Also the June 26 , reminiscent of Rudolph of Gubbio, and the thirtieth April regarding the Rudolf Schweiger and the 15. July to commemorate Rudolf Lunkenbein be mentioned. July 25th is also mentioned as the name day: it goes back to Rodolfo Acquaviva , a Jesuit priest, who died on July 25th 1583 in Cuncolim, who wanted to build a church on Salsetta, a peninsula south of Goa, in 1583, but shortly after on arrival was murdered by Hindus along with four other Jesuits and 14 Indian Christians.


Female form:

Name bearer


For rulers named Rudolf, see rulers named Rudolf .

First name

Rudolf, Rudolph



family name

For the family name Rolf, see Rolf #Familienname .

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Individual evidence

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