Sabina of Brandenburg-Ansbach

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Sabina von Brandenburg-Ansbach, Electress of Brandenburg

Sabina von Brandenburg-Ansbach (* May 12, 1529 in Ansbach , † November 2, 1575 in Berlin ) was a princess of Brandenburg-Ansbach and by marriage Electress of Brandenburg .


Sabina was a daughter of Margrave Georg von Brandenburg-Ansbach (1484–1543) from his second marriage to Hedwig (1508–1531), daughter of Duke Charles I of Münsterberg . The princess was raised in the Lutheran faith by her stepmother Aemilia von Sachsen .

Sabine married Elector Johann Georg von Brandenburg (1525–1598) in Ansbach on February 12, 1548 . His first wife, Sophia von Liegnitz, was a cousin of Sabine. On the day before the wedding, she had solemnly renounced any paternal inheritance. Sabine Amt, Stadt and Schloss Plauen were prescribed as Wittum . Since Plauen, like all Brandenburg offices, was not free of debt, Sabine's compensation for her 12,000 guilders dowry was part of lengthy negotiations, which led to Sabine's office and monastery in Spandau being promised.

The couple spent 23 years as a prince-elector at various castles in the march. The real residence of the family, however, was Zechlin Castle near Wittstock , where Sabine looked after her own children as well as her stepson, who later became Elector Joachim Friedrich . Sabine's economical economy led to temporary prosperity in Zechlin.

Since 1571 at the side of her husband, Electress of Brandenburg, Sabine had influence on religious affairs and was considered a patron of churches and schools. Sabina supported the sick and poor and had regular personal contacts with the doctor Leonhard Thurneysser . Sabina was buried in the Berlin Cathedral .


From her marriage, Sabine had the following children:

  • Georg Albrecht (1555–1557)
  • Erdmuthe (1561–1623)
⚭ 1577 Duke Johann Friedrich of Pomerania-Stettin (1542–1600)
⚭ 1581 Duke Barnim X. of Pomerania (1549–1603)
⚭ 1582 Elector Christian I of Saxony (1560–1591)

Two other princes and five princesses in this marriage died in childhood.


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