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Scaramuccia Cardinal Trivulzio on a contemporary coin

Scaramuccia Trivulzio , also Scaramuccia Trivulce or Scaramuzza Trivulzio (* around 1465 in Milan , † August 3, 1527 in Lonato del Garda , Lombardy ) was an Italian cardinal of the Roman Church . He was Bishop of Como from 1508 until his death .


He was the son of the Milanese senator Gianfermo Trivulzio and his wife Margherita Valperga; Relatives were the cardinals Agostino Trivulzio , Antonio Trivulzio the Elder and Antonio Trivulzio the Younger . A later living cardinal from the same family was Giangiacomo Teodoro Trivulzio .

After studying law at the University of Pavia , he received his doctorate iuris utriusque and was from 1489 a member of the Milan College of Jurists ( Collegio dei Giurisconsulti ). From 1491 he was lecturer in civil law at the University of Pavia as well as senator and advisor to the French king Louis XII.

Trivulzio was elected Bishop of Como on April 14, 1508. He contradicted the Conciliabulum of Pisa , which was directed against Pope Julius II . As an assessor he took part in the 5th Lateran Council . In gratitude for his efforts to achieve a reconciliation between the French king and the Pope, Trivulzio was appointed cardinal priest by Leo X on July 1, 1517 and received San Ciriaco alle Terme as the titular church on July 6 of the same year . In 1518 he renounced the diocese of Como in favor of his brother Antonio , Bishop of Asti , which he nevertheless continued to administer, and in 1519 received the diocese of Piacenza as administrator , where he installed his nephew Cesare Trivulzio as administrator in 1525 . He took part in the conclave 1521-1522 , the Hadrian VI. elected to the Pope. He was also among the participants in the 1523 conclave, from which Clement VII emerged as Pope.

As a patron of the sciences and arts, he was appointed protector of the French nation at the Roman Curia by King Francis I of France , who entrusted him with the administration of the Vienne diocese in 1527 . From January 12, 1526 to January 11, 1527 he served as chamberlain of the Holy College of Cardinals .

Scaramuccia Trivulzio died on August 3, 1527 in the Maguzzano Abbey on the way to Milan and was buried in this monastery.


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