Skull base

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Side view of the skull:
1st frontal bone (yellow)
4th ethmoid bone (red)
6th sphenoid bone (pink)
7th occipital bone (green)
8th temporal bone (orange)
Human skull with skull base seen from below
Human skull base
from the inside

The base of the skull ( Latin base cranii ) is the lower part of the skull . It is made of units of the frontal bone ( frontal ), the ethmoid bone ( ethmoid ), the sphenoid ( sphenoid ), the temporal bone ( temporal bone ) and the occipital bone ( occipital ). In animal anatomy, the frontal bone and ethmoid bone do not count towards the base of the skull, since they are not considered the lower (basal) parts of the skull.

The articular surfaces ( condyles ) for the first cervical vertebra are located on the outer base of the skull . These joints belong to the head joints .

The inner base of the skull ( base of the skull interna ), ie the bottom of the brain containing cranial cavity is divided into:


In the area of ​​the skull base there are a number of openings for cranial nerves and blood vessels to pass through :

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