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Large district town of Schorndorf
The Schlichtner coat of arms shows a red shield on which two half silver rings overlap with the opening to the outside.
Coordinates: 48 ° 46 ′ 19 ″  N , 9 ° 30 ′ 11 ″  E
Height : 494 m above sea level NN
Area : 4.38 km²
Residents : 853  (Jan 31, 2008)
Population density : 195 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : 1st January 1973
Postal code : 73614
Area code : 07181

Schlichten is a district of Schorndorf ( Rems-Murr-Kreis , Baden-Württemberg ). The place is about 490 m above sea level in the middle virgin forest about 4 km southwest of the city center. The name Schlichten is derived from the Middle High German slithe (= level ) and used to refer to the entire plateau of the middle Schurwald.


In 1185 Schlichtenweiler was mentioned for the first time in a document about a barter between the Hohenstaufen and Welfen . It is therefore assumed that Schlichten originated in the 11th century. The oldest books of the Bailiwick of Schorndorf from 1400 attest to eleven fiefdoms on site, although the individual farmsteads were fragmented due to the real division. Property tax lists from the 16th century show that Schlichten, like other forest locations, was one of the poorest communities in the Duchy of Württemberg .

Schlichten 1685 (view from Andreas Kieser's forest inventory books )

A historical view of the town from the Kieser forest inventory book from the end of the 17th century shows that the Schlichten was surrounded by a fence because of the high damage caused by game . The agriculture could not feed the population, which is why the farmers had to make use of the forest. They could only secure their livelihood through forest pastures and timber trade .

The church with its Gothic windows was built in 1460. Schlichten was a branch community of Winterbach , so that a service was only celebrated here every four weeks. In 1848/1852 a permanent pastor was installed in Schlichten and in the neighboring town of Baiereck . This was one of the measures taken to curb wood theft, which was affecting the condition of the forest.

Schlichten belonged to the Schlichten Forest Court , which until 1819 exercised the lower jurisdiction for the places in the Schlichtenwald . The place was independent until 1819, then became a sub-municipality first of Thomashardt and in 1824 of Winterbach, until it became independent again in 1849. On January 1, 1973, Schlichten was incorporated into the town of Schorndorf as part of the regional reform .

coat of arms

The Schlichtener coat of arms consists of a red shield on which two white (silver) half rings overlap with the opening to the outside. This figure resembles the tradition of Duke Carl Eugen's monogram with two intertwined capital letters C.


Schlichten has a local council with eight members, all local councils belong to the independent list of arbitrators . The head of the village is Felix Auwärter.


In Schlichten there is a kindergarten, an all-weather pool, a hall, a Protestant church, a community center with an administrative office, a play, football and barbecue area and a cooperative-style village shop with a full range of products.


Schlichten is on the 1151 highway , which connects Schorndorf to Reichenbach an der Fils via Schlichten, Thomashardt and Lichtenwald . Landstrasse 1152 begins not far from the district and leads through the valley from its right upper reaches Lochbach and then Nassach to Ebersbach an der Fils or Uhingen .

The bus line 262 of the Stuttgart transport and tariff association runs from the train station in Schorndorf via Schlichten to Reichenbach or Plochingen and vice versa.


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