Sherlock Holmes (TV series, 1967)

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Television series
Original title Sherlock Holmes
Country of production Germany
original language German
year 1967
length about 60 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season
genre Crime series
idea Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
music Rolf Alexander Wilhelm
First broadcast October 1, 1967 on ARD

Sherlock Holmes is a German crime series that was produced by WDR in 1967 . It consists of 6 episodes in one season and is based on the Sherlock Holmes adventures of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle .


The leading roles in this classic crime series played Erich Schellow as Sherlock Holmes and Paul Edwin Roth as Dr. Watson. All six episodes were directed by Paul May . The scripts are all by English authors who originally wrote them for a British BBC series of the same name and who were translated into German after they were screened in Great Britain. A synchronization of the BBC series was not legally possible, which is why it had to be made into an independent film in the FRG, similar to the multi-part series by Francis Durbridge . All six episodes were shot exclusively in the studio, including the outdoor scenes. The films were always broadcast on Sundays. The individual episodes do not have a series subtitle in the opening credits, but instead begin with the insertion of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle . Then the title of the film appears.


# title Charisma
01 The spotted band October 1, 1967
02 Six times Napoleon 5th November 1967
03 The League of Redheads December 10, 1967
04 The Bruce Partington Plans January 21, 1968
05 The beryl diadem February 11, 1968
06 The house by the blood beeches March 18, 1968


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