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Theiochoma Gorge in the volcanic area

Theiochoma Gorge in the volcanic area

height 180  m
location Greece ( Korinthia )
Coordinates 37 ° 56 '9 "  N , 23 ° 5' 15"  E Coordinates: 37 ° 56 '9 "  N , 23 ° 5' 15"  E
Sousaki (Greece)
Type Lava dome
rock Rhyodacite and rhyolite
Last eruption before 2.3 to 2.8 mya

The Sousaki ( Greek Σουσάκι ( n. Sg. )) Is an extinct volcano in Corinthia . It is located in the area of ​​the place Agii Theodori , which is also called Krommyonia , about 7 km east of the Isthmus of Corinth and the Corinth Canal and at the southeast end of the Gerania Mountains. The Cape Sousaki, where the ancient city of Sidus was probably located, is named after him and the place Agios Charalambos is also called Sousaki. The Sousaki is the northwesternmost volcano of the volcanic arc of the southern Aegean .


The Sousaki is about 180 m above sea level and has two to four eruption centers . A distinction is made between the western and eastern centers. The older group in the west was active during the Pliocene about 3.6 to 4 million years ago (mya) and the younger eastern group at the end of the Pliocene and the beginning of the Pleistocene before about 2.3 to 2.8 mya. The rocks rhyodacite and rhyolite , which in the Sousaki have an unusually high proportion of strontium isotopes and an unusually low proportion of neodymium isotopes , testify to these eruptions . During the last eruption, the coastal area about 3 km to the south, on which the oil refinery is located today , was formed.

Today there are dozens of fumaroles here , from which about a ton of gas with a temperature of 42 ° C, which consists of more than 95% carbon dioxide , about 0.8% methane and 0.12% hydrogen sulfide, is released every day . The Loutraki hot springs may also be linked to the Sousaki. During an earthquake with a magnitude of 2-3 on the Richter scale in 1997, lava rose into the higher earth crust . There could be more activities in the future.


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